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The Research Of Local Comprehensive University Medical Education Teaching Quality Assurance System Construction

Posted on:2015-01-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330431457651Subject:Theory of curriculum and teaching
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To improve the quality of teaching is a fundamental topic of running a university. Security system of teaching quality improvement as part of university management functions in the context of contemporary university expansion is even more urgent and important. local comprehensive university medical education teaching quality guarantee system has many particularity in the background, its implementation and completion of the need to consider more complex and requires coordination between multiple variables need to combine multiple dynamic mechanism.Research on this issue is a key step to explore the integration and communication between the university and the localization of high-level universities, but also to explore the local comprehensive university plays an important part of their local financial support, services, local social and economic education. Local medical education teaching comprehensive university with other similar schools, such as research universities of Medicine, Medical University, a comprehensive university and other general compared with particularity in three areas:First, the financial source of local comprehensive university school of medicine and students mainly from local and the talent output is concentrated in the place. Second, the students of local comprehensive university school of medicine’s training target and means is different from other professional training target and means. The theoretical study and clinical operation as the basic literacy needs of the medical staff equally to two or more things, promote each other. Third, local comprehensive university school of medicine, students need to put in huge manpower and material resources which is the general consensus that the guarantee of training medical talents. But its funding sources far could not compare with other similar schools and far less than other similar schools. So how to ensure quality of talent cultivation under the tension of this contradiction is also an important proposition. Local comprehensive university medical education teaching quality guarantee and overcome the management of the school management level and the characteristics of the evaluation means one size fits all. Used to measure and evaluate the requirements of other disciplines and templates to evaluate medical school education teaching, treat way of cultivating talents of other disciplines to cultivate medical talents. Leads to the homogeneity of talent, can’t cultivate qualified medical talents.Based on the particularity of local comprehensive medical education, this article obtains from the education level and management level in the education teaching quality guarantee system construction work, and internal consciousness and market outside option from the school two aspects to illustrate the school of medicine in the motivation mechanism in the education teaching quality guarantee system construction. On the basis of introducing the experience at home and abroad, Sum up the local comprehensive university medical education part of the teaching quality guarantee system, from the command system information collection system evaluation and diagnosis system information feedback system support system five aspects emphatically explains the key steps in the medical education teaching system construction and special requirements. And through analysis and investigation the domestic cases of the construction of the teaching quality of medical education system to summarize the existing problems:alack of long-term stable quality monitoring mechanism、the lack of objective and credible talent evaluation mechanism and the lack of efficient and reasonable management linkage mechanism many other problems. Finally I will put forward the construction of local universities education teaching quality guarantee system suggestion from realizing fair talent evaluation、ensure the quality of personnel training、improve the efficiency of teaching management and improve the teaching quality.
Keywords/Search Tags:Local comprehensive university, medical education, the quality of education, teaching quality assurance system
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