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The Research On The Quality Assurance Of Curriculum In Local Universities

Posted on:2013-08-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330371469834Subject:Higher Education
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This article mainly based on global economic and political integration with internationalview to the urgent need of applicaion-oriented undergraduate student and the reality of theconstruction of local university curriculum which take count of theory, take no count ofpractice spreads, which aims to explore and construct a strong comprehensive, outstandingpractical, foreign advantage resources development and regional economic development ineconomy can good docking, under the background of globalization realization of local universityapplicaion-oriented undergraduate student training and construct a course of local internationalquality assurance system, to meet higher education international and curriculum reform withregional society to the needs of the application talents, improving the local university appliedtalents, to improve the international competitiveness of prefectural and municipal colleges anduniversities running value and status in society.In this paper, with the background of the higher education internationalization , through thetheory review of local university course at home and abroad quality assurance system of thehistorical and comparative study, summarizes the existing problems, analyzes the experience, asreference to construct our local university curriculum quality assurance system. At the same time,analytical the factors of local university course quality assurance system , and put forward theconstruction strategy of local university course quality security system.This paper is divided into the following several main parts:First of all, analysis the basis and principles to build up local university course qualityassurance system . Follow the regularity of education and talents cultivation, from talent trainingtarget for the change of the objective reality of higher education of the current economicglobalization market characteristics,as the higher education and the higher educationmanagement discipline theory for support, analytical the theoretical basis and actual basis toconstruct local university course quality assurance system , it is proposed construction principlesthat local universities curriculum quality security system.Second, comparative and analysis of local university and foreign university to applicationtalents of course the quality assurance system, analyzes the general characteristics to be using forreference.Third, the analytical the influence factors model of local university curriculum qualityassurance system . Through the text study, questionnaire and case analysis and other methods,formation the factors system of local university course quality assurance system construction;According to the function and its relationship of these various factors to construct curriculumquality assurance system.Finally, constructing the local university course quality assurance system strategy. Includingcurriculum change strategy, course system optimization strategy, teacher training strategy,curriculum resource restructuring strategy, the curriculum management of fine strategy.
Keywords/Search Tags:local university, curriculum, education quality security system, course quality assurance system
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