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A Study Of The High School Teachers’ Classroom Teaching Evaluation In The View Of Incentive Theory

Posted on:2015-03-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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New curriculum reform advocates "based on process, promoting development," evaluation has the function of incentives and improved deserve relative importance. To translate the concept of new curriculum, to the actual teaching activities, if teachers can use in classroom teaching diversity, wit, wisdom, flexible and changeful evaluation language profound evaluation method, class will be more vivid for students, school life will be more enjoyable, the learning process will be more conducive to the growth of the students. In teachers’ teaching activities, evaluation of classroom teaching in teachers’ classroom teaching is a very important part of the activity, teachers use reasonably good classroom teaching evaluation, is one of the effective ways to promote students to better learning, will improve their classroom teaching efficiency, will guide and help students’ better learning, promote the professional development of their own. Of teachers’ classroom teaching evaluation from the so-called incentive theory is refers to the methodology of incentive theory as an evaluation tool, with teachers as the main body, with students as the evaluation objects, with teachers and students of the classroom as a carrier, pay attention to students needs, pay attention to the teaching goal to generate and focus on the teaching process, in order to promote students’ development, improve the classroom teaching quality evaluation of the behavior.The first part:focus, namely the discovery of problems. This part mainly under the horizon of incentive theory examines the problems existing in the current middle school teachers’ classroom teaching evaluation. In interviews, observation and investigation and study, found that the main problems existing in the middle school teachers’ evaluation of classroom teaching has such several aspects:one is to ignore the needs, the evaluation of single rigid; Second, target first, evaluation is too rigid; Three is the evaluation process is missing, lay particular stress on results.The second part:call, namely the process of problem analysis. This part is mainly on the basis of the problems have been found, mainly studies the incentive theory and the relevance of middle school teachers’ classroom evaluation, including the significance, connotation, theoretical basis and basic characteristics. Incentive theory in this article think that the meaning of teachers’ evaluation of classroom teaching is mainly embodied in the attention to students’ needs, contribute to the good relationship between teachers and students;2it is to scientifically set goal, a reasonable guide mechanism;3it is to pay attention to process, development of benign cycle. To understand the connotation of teachers’evaluation of classroom teaching should be clear what time at least, namely teachers as the main body of evaluation; Students as the objects of evaluation; Class as the carrier of the evaluation; Incentive theory as tools for evaluation. There is no soul no theoretical foundation to support research together. Incentive theory as a large group of theories, to middle school teachers’ evaluation of classroom teaching effectiveness is not completely covered, but by selectively. Through summarizing and overall, the incentive theory in the evaluation of middle school teachers’ classroom effectiveness at least including hierarchy of needs theory, theory of goal setting theory and process of formation theory of the three branches. Incentive theory sight of teacher’s classroom teaching evaluation shows affection, comprehensive features, subjectivity, cyclical, etc. Incentive theory sight of teacher’s classroom teaching evaluation should also follow the appropriate incentive theory; Based on the main body; Adhere to the basic requirements such as dynamic sustainability.Part iii:construction, namely, the process to solve the problem. Based on the incentive theory and correlation analysis of middle school teachers’ classroom teaching evaluation, this paper puts forward some evaluation strategy meets the needs of middle school students’ classroom evaluation. Build is the basic logic train of thought of these strategies, the needs of the students is the source of motivation, need is set goals at the same time, the basis of incentive is the basic method to be used to reach the goal, evaluation is the main way to measure a goal level. Inspection evaluation from a perspective of incentive theory, namely the demand from students themselves’s point of view, based on students’ development as the basic premise to particular forms of evaluation strategy. According to the general principles of incentive theory, combining with the middle school classroom teaching practice. This paper from the needs, goals, and process evaluation based on the theory of the incentive strategy in three aspects: one is based on a "need" evaluation. It includes clear the nature of the students needs; According to the need to establish evaluation index, and according to the need of the hierarchical evaluation strategy;2it is based on "target" optimization of evaluation. It includes moderation grasping of target, multidimensional under the target of evaluation, and put forward with the different dimension of evaluation strategy; Three is based on the evaluation of "process". It includes interpret the process of evaluation, process evaluation of subsist mechanism, put forward the dynamic continuous evaluation strategy.Incentive theory horizon, based on the teachers’ classroom teaching evaluation analysis is a dynamic, procedural, and direction of this paper, it has knowledge of known properties, development of incentive theory, absorb the existing history classroom teaching evaluation, the existing classroom evaluation method of understanding and the understanding and tolerance, beyond the stated content features. In the analysis of this paper, there are still many insufficient to explain problems and extend, remains to be further research and exploration.
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