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Study On Adaptability Between Specialty Setting Of Higher Vocational Colleges And Industrial Structure&Employment Structure In Hebei

Posted on:2015-01-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G P ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330431958215Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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Higher vocational education is a type of education to develop front-line personnelof technology applied type and skill type for the development of economy and society.Specialties are the carrier of training talents. Whether professional setting is reasonableor not, it decided the school turn-out talents, which can meet the needs of the industrialstructure, and can find suitable jobs. If the professional setup of higher vocationalcolleges can adapt to the change of industrial structure and employment structuredevelopment well, it will promote the economic development and social progress. Theopposite will cause the waste of the resource of personage and society; even hindereconomic and social development. At present, Hebei province is in the critical periodof industrial structure adjustment. Whether higher vocational colleges can cultivatestudents to adapt to the needs of the development of the industry of Hebei or notconcerns not only the students’ employment problems but also the economic socialdevelopments of Hebei province. Therefore, it is of great realistic significance toresearch the adaptability of higher vocational school specialties settings and theindustrial structure, employment structure in Hebei province. It can promote sound andrapid economic and social development of Hebei.At present,the establishments of specialties vocational colleges in Hebei provinceare not associated with the industrial structure and employment structure. Specialtiessetting are homogeneous seriously, which leads to characteristic less prominent.Besides, there are many problems: less standard specialty catalogues, unclear trainingtargets, blind major settings, the imperfect major setting system, and so on.Theseproblems not only lead to the employment difficulties of graduate, but also waste thelimited education resource, which is bad for the development of vocational colleges.This assay makes researches on the current situations of higher vocationalspecialties in recent years in Hebei province, which includes the change tendency ofindustrial structure,leading industry, industry development trends, the current situationof employment structure, change trend of employment structure, and uses acombination of means, such as literature research, data analysis. In order to find out thephenomena and reasons whether major settings are fit or not for the industrial structureand employment structure, the author offers his advice to make specialties settingsadapt to the industrial structure and employment structure from the government macro level and college micro level.
Keywords/Search Tags:Higher Vocational School, Specialties Settings, Industrial Structure, Employment Structure
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