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Study On Employment Structure Of Tianjin Under The Background Of Industrial Structure Upgrading

Posted on:2021-04-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2427330623971538Subject:National Economics
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In recent years,Tianjin has accelerated the transformation and adjustment of economic structure,taking high-end intelligence as the direction,strengthening scientific and technological innovation,developing intelligent science and technology industry,expanding strategic emerging industries,and promoting the transformation of traditional industries to digitalization,intelligence,networking and greening.In the process of industrial upgrading in Tianjin,the employment structure has undergone corresponding transformation and caused a series of problems.At present,Tianjin three industrial employment structure adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure is relatively lag relatively,at the same time of developing high-tech industry high-end talent shortage,"don't come,do not leave",not provide strong support for the development of economy,high pollution,high energy consumption industries and traditional industries shrinking employment scale lead to low skill labor surplus,sending difficult to other industries.If these problems can not be handled well,they will inevitably affect the economic and social stability and development of Tianjin.So it is necessary for the Tianjin industrial structure upgrading under the background of employment structure is studied in order to grasp the Tianjin industrial structure upgrade developing trend,under the background of the employment structure and employment structure adjustment in the new situation make reasonable expectations,so as to provide the basis for the origin of industry development planning,and also for Tianjin labor employment related policy adjustment direction.Based on the theory of economics and other relevant research results in related fields,this paper first introduces the relevant concepts of employment structure and industrial structure;then,it selects the three industrial output value and employment related data of Tianjin from 1998 to 2017,expounds the development track and current situation of Tianjin industrial structure and employment structure,and points out the current industrial structure of Tianjin At the same time,combining with the development trend of industrial structure and employment structure in Tianjin,this paper makes a theoretical analysis of the interaction between industrial structure upgrading and employment structure change in Tianjin,and points out that scientific and technological progress,the development of small and medium-sized enterprises,the degree of labor marketization and the quality of workers will affect the industrial structure and employment structure Coordination issues have an impact.At the same time,this paper uses the relevant data to analyze the correlation and coordination between the industrial structure and the employment structure of Tianjin by building a model and using the indicators of structural separation,employment elasticity and correlation.It is concluded that the industrial structure and the employment structure of Tianjin have a high degree of correlation,but the industrial structure and the employment structure are not coordinated,and each industry has the ability to absorb labor There are also differences.Finally,according to the existing problems and empirical analysis results,the paper puts forward specific countermeasures and suggestions on the optimization of employment structure in the context of industrial upgrading in Tianjin.
Keywords/Search Tags:industrial structure upgrade, employment structure, three industries, labor flow
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