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The Research On Mobile Traffic Marketing Strategy Of Luoyang Mobile Company In The Mobile Internet Environment

Posted on:2014-07-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2269330401463307Subject:Business administration
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With the emerging mobile Internet age, rapid spreading intelligent terminal and the generation of various mobile Internet applications development, users’life has changed significantly, while telecom operators’attention also changed. Traditional SMS and voice services have been threatened and challenged by software developers, Internet operators. The decline in voice revenue growth has become an irresistible trend, and traffic business will gradually replace traditional voice business, becoming the competition and profit point in the telecommunications industry.Although the major operators are aware of the importance and necessity of traffic management, shifted business attention and changed the mode of operation, traffic management is not only expansion of the traffic and stimulating user consumption. As traditional telecom operators model can not adapt to the characteristics and requirements of the new Internet age, and competition between the terminal, Internet, software developers are fierce. It’s still a long way from get a effective business model. How to solve the increase in traffic but not increase in revenue; how to improve the value of traffic, how to retain its own users and occupy a larger market, these all are the challenges that operators need to solve, also including Luoyang Mobile Company.In this context, based on previous problems that need to be resolved urgently, we use Luoyang branch of China Mobile as a case, drawing on the current marketing theory and combining with the basic situation of Luoyang Mobile Company, to analysis the status of marketing and existing problems. This paper use SWOT method to elaborate the advantages and disadvantages of the Luoyang Mobile Company’s traffic marketing efforts, and analyze the opportunities and threats in the existing environment. Then, from a pragmatic view, we use market segmentation and target market theory to analysis the Luoyang Mobile Company’s customers. Combining with the telecommunications industry and traffic marketing characteristics, we divide mobile internet market into four type:silent clients, low traffic customers, medium traffic customers and high traffic customers. We analysis characteristics of each type of customers and make marketing position strategy. Finally, based on4P marketing theory, combined with characteristics of the target market consumers, we develop product strategy, pricing strategy, channel strategy and promotion strategy for Luoyang Mobile Company.
Keywords/Search Tags:mobile internet, mobile traffic marketing, Luoyang mobile company, marketing strategy
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