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A Study Of 4G Flow Business Marketing Strategy For Hunan Mobile Communication Company

Posted on:2017-01-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330512958897Subject:Business Administration
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4G times of the arrival of the mobile Internet industry chain,equipment manufacturers,terminal manufacturers,virtual operators,Internet companies and other traditional operators for the industrial chain of control and profitability constitutes a major threat.For Hunan Mobile,the flow of marketing is in line with the needs of the development of the Internet,but also China Mobile made from the traffic marketing to traffic marketing needs.In addition,TD technology with China Mobile to develop traffic marketing,not only can enhance the country's overall strength,and can pull the country's domestic demand.China Mobile to OTT impact on the apparent voice of the times to continue to maintain the dominant position and competitive advantage,we must conform to the requirements of the market environment and development trends,to carry out the transformation and upgrading of traffic management.At present,China Mobile and even global operators face difficulties in market operations focused on product prices,product positioning,product marketing and product extension development.Therefore,the urgent need to focus on traffic management,data mining flow value,so that the increasing flow of Hunan mobile development truly become the driving force,continue to maintain the leading position of operators in the mobile Internet tide.This paper takes Hunan mobile Company traffic management as the research object,using SWOT analysis method to analyze the status quo of Hunan mobile traffic operations,and analyze the opportunities and threats in the existing environment.Then,from a pragmatic view,we use market segmentation and target market theory to analysis the Hunan Mobile Company's customers.Combining with the telecommunications industry and traffic marketing characteristics,we divide mobiles internet market into four type: silent clients,low traffic customers,medium traffic customers and high traffic customers.We analysis characteristics of each type of customers and make marketing position strategy.Finally,based on 4P marketing theory,combined with characteristics of the target market consumers,we develop product strategy,pricing strategy and promotion strategy for Hunan Mobile Company.
Keywords/Search Tags:Hunan Mobile, 4G, traffic service, SWOT analysis, mobile Internet
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