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Research On The Relationship Between Job Stressors And Job-based Psychological Capital Investment

Posted on:2014-06-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2269330401466725Subject:Business management
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Employees’ stress management problems have been concerned by many scholars and business managers for many years. The events such as job-hopping, occupational disease and suicide which have been frequently arisen during recent years, making this topic become the focus of people again. Work stress can not only affect employees’ physical and psychological health, but also affect their attitudes and behaviors. Most previous studies have focused on the negative psychological and behavioral variables. With the development of positive psychology and positive organizational behavior, the concept of work engagement is attracting more and more attention. Many large consulting company have found that work engagement is an important predictor of work performance. The more engaged empolyees can bring more benefits to the company, but now only a few Chinese empolyees can completely engage in their jobs. How to improve employees’ work engagement level from the point of view of stress management is the main issue to resolve in this article. Additionally, this article also investigates the effects of psychological capital in the model of work stress and its cosequences.This article chooses employees in private companies, state-owned companies and foreign-funded companies as investigated targets, using questionnaires, has collected247valid questionaires. Then using SPSS20and AMOS17.0to make descriptive statistics analysis, exploratory factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, factorial variance analysis, correlation analysis, and regression analysis.The results show that:Firstly, as for our employees working in state-owned, personal-owned and foreigner-owned companies, the work stressors can be divided into hinderance stressors and challenge stressors; Secondly, the significant interaction of the challenge-hinderance stressors is verified; Thirdly, the challenge stressors positively affect employees’ work engagement and its three dimensions, while hinderance stressors have the opposite effects; Fourthly, psychological capital, hope and resilience moderate the relation between challenge stressors and work engagement; Fifthly, self-efficacy moderate the relation between hinderance stressors and work engagement.These studies provide new ideas to solve the pressure management problems and improve employees’ engagement. First, recognize that there are hinderance stressors and challenge stressors in enterprises, we should increase the former and reduce the latter. Second, make the psychological capital as one of the selected indications in recruitment, choose the right person into the enterprise. We also can train and develop the psychological capital of our employees to enhance their ability working in high pressure, then make them engage in their work.
Keywords/Search Tags:challenge work stressors, hinderance work stressors, work engagement, psychologicalcapital
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