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Challenge-Hindrance Stressors And Turnover Intention:Empirical Research Based On Management Consultants

Posted on:2013-07-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of economic and living standards, the negative impact of "stress" have gradually been recognized by workers in China. According to China Youth Daily’s survey, among all the workers, the white-collar workers, who known as knowledge workers assumed the greatest pressure. Pressure caused many negative results, such as anxiety and sub-health problems, but work-related issues and impact on businesses are even worse. Price (2000) and other scholars stress the important antecedents of turnover intention model as the Price-Muelle, the pressure gradually been concerned about the impact of turnover intention. In the knowledge economy era, the company’s core value is increasingly dependent on the value of its core staff, too high turnover rate will increase the company’s operating costs, not conducive to the stability of the company organization, operations and performance. Griffeth (2000) and of Mobley (1979) turnover intention as to cause the most important and most direct antecedents of individual turnover behavior, so the study of employee stress on turnover intention has a high theoretical significance and practical value.Scholars often focus on the negative effects of pressure on the individual itself, as well as organizations. Pressure is the driving force or resistance? Selye (1976) divided the pressure into benign pressure and worse pressure, Cavanaugh (2000) and other scholars is divided pressure into pressure Challenge stressors and Hindrance Stressor based Selye’s research. Organizations to support the employee psychological and behavioral factors of organizational resources, organizational support is an important external resources for individual employees to cope with stress, and organizational support is an important content of the field of stress research. Eisenberger (1986) and other scholars that organizational support can increase the staff for their efforts-the results of expectations, but also to meet the emotional needs of staff ownership society, and promote employees’ organizational identity. Thus, high perceived organizational support individuals with higher organizational identity and organizational loyalty, and thus lower turnover intention. Many empirical studies have shown that perceived organizational support and negatively related to turnover intention, but the relevant organizations to support the regulatory role there are still many differences.In this article, I try to find the reasons which caused the controversial role in the regulation mechanism of the organization support. One reason may be the different source of pressure, the pressure of different object types have different characteristics, resulting in the regulation of the organization support the conclusions of numerous studies. In this paper, the classification of the source of stress (Challenge stressors-Hindrance stressors) the latest research results, as the research object of this group of management consultants, Challenging-Hindrance stressors classification in knowledge worker context on turnover intention mechanism of action and support classification based on the source of stress research organization in which the regulatory role, in order to explore the many differences exist before scholars.
Keywords/Search Tags:Management consultant, Knowledge workers, Challenge stressors, Hindrance stressors, Perceived organizational support and Turnoverintention
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