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The Influence Mechanism Of Psychological Empowerment On Stressors And Fatigue

Posted on:2021-04-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330623981469Subject:Applied Psychology
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In today's rapidly changing organizational environment,the power structure of enterprises is becoming increasingly flat.Leaders expect to improve the selfleadership and self-management ability of employees by way of authorization.Therefore,relevant theories and empirical studies of authorized leadership have attracted wide attention.In this era of highlighting the individual's own value,it is particularly important to pay attention to the subjective psychological experience after the individual is "empowered",and psychological empowerment is born in this context.Past research and empirical studies focused on the positive effect of the psychological empowerment on job attitudes,behaviors and performances,although some scholars call for the consideration of the negative emotions or behaviors of the psychological empowerment in the particular situation,but we still have the lack of awareness of the negative effect of the psychological empowerment in terms of the empirical research.Therefore,this study attempts to explore whether psychological empowerment can predict challenge stressors,hindrance stressors and fatigue,and to explore the dual mechanism of psychological empowerment from both positive and negative perspectives.In this study,62 participants in different industries and positions are selected.Relevant data of the participants are collected in the method of experience sampling and questionnaire survey for 10 consecutive working days,and a cross-layer structural equation model is established to explore the dual effect mechanism of the psychological empowerment.The results show that psychological empowerment reduced the individuals' perception of challenge stressors,hindrance stressors and fatigue by alleviating the ego depletion,indicating that psychological empowerment alleviating the ego depletion is one of the ways to eliminate the stressors perception and fatigue,which reflects the positive effect of psychological empowerment.At the same time,psychological empowerment promotes individuals' perception of challenge stressors and hindrance stressors by promoting employees' work engagement,indicating that the increase of work engagement is one of the ways that psychological empowerment intensifies stressors perception,which reflects the negative effect of psychological empowerment.From a theoretical perspective,first of all,this study explores the possible negative effects of psychological empowerment,which enriches the research on the dual effects of psychological empowerment.Secondly,this study reveals the internal mechanism of the dual influence of psychological empowerment.Finally,this study extends the study of outcome variables of psychological empowerment.From a practical point of view,first of all,this study suggests that enterprises should change their focus in the authorization process.Secondly,enterprises should pay attention to the dual effect of psychological empowerment.Finally,it provides reference for enterprises to formulate effective human resource management strategies.
Keywords/Search Tags:psychological empowerment, work engagement, ego depletion, challenge-hindrance stressors, fatigue
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