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Research On The Effect Of Challenge-Hindrance Stressors On Employees' Innovative Behavior

Posted on:2018-11-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330518471154Subject:Applied Psychology
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In the 21st century,how to stimulate employees' innovative behavior comes out to be one of the hot topics.Scott and Bruce focused on finding the antecedents of innovative behavior.The antecedents of innovative behavior can be divided into two categories:the internal causes and the external causes.As an organizational factor,work stressors belong to the external causes of innovative behavior.According to Cavanaugh's theory,work stressors have two dimensions called challenge-hindrance stressors.However,by reviewing the literatures,we hadn't found any research about the effect of challenge-hindrance stressors on employees' innovative behavior.Thus,based on the theoretical model of Williams and Cooper,this paper was trying to do the research as mentioned.The purposes of this research were to investigate the relationship between challenge-hindrance stressors and innovative behavior,along with the influence of work engagement and proactive personality in the whole process.After the investigations in more than 300 employees in Zhejiang Province,this research used the statistical methods to analyze data.The study obtained conclusions as follows:1.Challenge stressors have positive influence on innovative behavior,Hindrance stressors have negative influence on innovative behavior;2.Hindrance stressors have negative influence on work engagement;3.Work engagement plays partial mediating role in hindrance stressors and innovative behavior.4.Proactive personality plays important moderating role between hindrance stressors and work engagement.
Keywords/Search Tags:innovative behavior, challenge-hindrance stressors, work engagement, proactive personality
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