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Leadership As A Moderator Of The Relationships Between Challenge-hindrance Stressors And Work Engagement And Counterproductive Work Behavior

Posted on:2018-06-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330542968715Subject:Business management
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As the current business environment has become complex and volatile,market competition is becoming increasingly fierce,enterprises pay more attention to employee engagement and the actual contribution to the organization in order to obtain and maintain a competitive advantage,so employees will face a growing work pressure.On the one hand,the demand for employees of work become higher,employees has to take more and more heavy responsibility.On the other hand,some employees not only has to withstand high workloads,but also need to bear the role ambiguity and job insecurity.A variety of work demands have created different pressures.Among them,the challenge-hindrance stressors has aroused the widespread concern of the organization management researchers.But there is still a lack of research on the effect of both stressors on both positive and negative outcomes.This article combines the Social Exchange theory and Resource Conservation theory and takes 43 enterprises in Jiangsu region as the research object,investigated the team leader and its 226 team members,to discuss that how team members cope with challenge-hindrance stressors in organization.We analyzed the relationship between the two stressors and work engagement and counterproductive behaviors.Then we put transactional leadership and transformational leadership as moderators in the model.Taking into account the cross-layer nature of the sample data,his study uses HLM software for data processing.According to the analysis of hierarchical linear model,the results showed that:(1)Challenge and hindrance stressors respectively have a positive relationship with the counterproductive work behaviors(CWB).(2)Transactional leadership significantly enhanced the positive relationship between challenge stressors and work engagement,weakened the negative relationship between hindrance stressors and work engagement.(3)Transformational leadership significantly enhanced the positive relationship between challenge stressors and work engagement,weakened the positive relationship between challenge stressors and CWB.The results of this study extend the scope of the field of stress research,deepen people's understanding of stress coping and behavior choice,and also provide theoretical guidance to enterprises in practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:Challenge stressors, Hindrance stressors, Transactional leadership, Transformational leadership, Work engagement, Counderproductive work behavior
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