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The Effect Of Work Stressors On Job Involvement Under Psychological Capital Regulation

Posted on:2015-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the rapid development of economic, competition has becomen the main melody of the world. Along with the competition,the result is the pressure is more and more violent. Individuals and organizations have been greatly affected, work stress has become a hot topic. Work pressure will not only lead to health problems, but also changes the attitude and behavior of employees. The work job involvement as an important attitude and behavioral variables is closely related to the job performance. Therefore, it has a certain practical significance to study the relationship between job stress and job involvement. At the same time, the psychological capital as a kind of positive psychological forces entered people’s field of vision, to investigate the job stress’s effects on the job involvement to investigate the regulating role of psychological capital play in this process, in order to proceed from personal point of view find a way to adjust the job involvement.In this paper, through the relevant literature on the sources of work pressure, job involvement and psychological capital review, the theoretical model is based on self-determination theory, conservation of resources theory and the job demands-resouraces model. In the model, the source of pressure is the variable, work investment is the dependent is variable, psychological captial is the moderator.Firstly, based on the literature review, put forward the hypothesises.Secondly, according to the current research at home and abroad, after the test of the scale, shape the scale of this paper.Thirdly, according to the statistical software SPSS20.0, put the exploratory factor analysis, regression analysis and correlation analysis on the collected data.Finally, get the conclusion of this study, the results are as follows:(1) Two dimensions of work stressors have different effect on job involvement. Challenge work stressors and job involvement is positive correlation. Hinderance work stressors and job involvement is negative correlation.(2) Hope and optimism dimension of psychological capital have moderating effect between challenge stressors and vigor. The individual who has high degree of hope and optimism will has more vigor.(3) Psychological capital’s self-efficacy and optimism dimension have moderating effect between challenge stressors and dedication.(4) Psychological capital’s hope dimension has a moderating effect between the hindrance stressor and vigor. The individual who has high degree of hope, in the face of hin- drance stressor. the vigor will decrease slow.(5)Psychological capital’s resilience dimension has a moderating effect between the hindrance stressor and dedication.
Keywords/Search Tags:pressure source, challenge stressors, hindrance stressor, psychological capital, job involvement
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