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Relationship Of The Knowledge-based High-hech Enterprise Employees’ Knowledge Management Capability And Corporate Performance

Posted on:2014-09-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2269330422452262Subject:Business management
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In the era of knowledge’s economy, Industrial restructuring continues toaccelerate, Product life’s cycles continue to shorten. Knowledge plays a powerful roleof promoting to help high-tech fields of information, biology, space, energy, a majorbreakthrough in emerging. The high-tech industry has become one of the mostdynamic growth point of the world economy. However, knowledge’s workers as themost important high-tech enterprise employees, They put their own knowledge as thecore value for the enterprise to create wealth. In the era of knowledge explosion,Wanting to pick their own useful knowledge in a complicated and a large number ofknowledge to be used, they must be effective knowledge management. Therefore,knowledge’s workers through themselves and help to effectively enhance the PKMC(personal knowledge management capabilities), and constantly create new productsand services to create value for the enterprise. So, researching on knowledgemanagement capability and business’s performance of knowledge’s workers is verynecessary.This dissertation starts with review of high-tech enterprises, knowledge workers,the employees’ knowledge management capabilities constitute business performance.Summarize the definition of high-tech enterprises, knowledge’s workers, knowledgeworkers’ personal characteristics and work’s characteristics. Then, recalling therelevant literature about the relationship between the knowledge management, thecomposition of the knowledge management ability, influencing factors, andenterprise’s performance. Employee’s knowledge management capabilities ofenterprise performance qualitative and quantitative research are summarized.Secondly, build two conceptual models.①Building a knowledge workerknowledge management capability and organizational performance relationship model,formulating hypotheses and designing a scale. And summarizes the results of previousstudies to determine the variable index. PKMC includs knowledge acquisitioncapabilities of the employees, the employees’ knowledge and ability to integrate,employee knowledge sharing capabilities, staff knowledge and ability, staffknowledge innovation capability and staff knowledge protection capabilities.Business performance, including innovation performance, adaptability, performanceand efficiency performance.②Build a knowledge management of knowledge workersthe ability to influence factor model, the same hypothesis, and in accordance withprevious results to determine variable indicators. The influencing factors of knowledge workers’s knowledge management capabilities includs business andcultural factors, IT factors, organizational structure factors, staff training factors, staffmotivation factors, values and personality factors, knowledge structure factors, sevenfactors.Again, the empirical research for high-tech enterprises and research through acombination of questionnaires issued and email, Using SPSS18.0to analyze thesurvey results to draw a series of conclusions, and verify the conceptual modelconstructed. Finally, the conclusions put forward recommendations for high-techenterprises and employees to improve knowledge management capabilities, and thenpoints out the direction for further research.
Keywords/Search Tags:High-tech enterprises, Knowledge workers, Knowledge management, PKMC, Influential factors, Enterprise performance
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