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Study On The Influence Mechanism Of Emotional Intelligence To New Generation Staff Conflict Control

Posted on:2015-03-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the80,90generation persons take part in job and began to occupy the importantposition. They will play a vital role. The new generation of employees will produce conflictwith old employees and organizations in the work process. When conflict is being now, it isimportant for us to understand how do conflicts come into being and how to solve them,because the relationship of new generation employees and enterprise is dependent on eachother. As a result, more and more organizations pay attention to coordinate the conflicts ofnew generation employees, more and more scholars to research new generation conflictmotivation of staff and the control style of conflict. This article selects the new generation ofstaff conflict motivation as the independent variable, our purpose is to study the relationshipbetween variables, as conflict motivation after produce, there will be what kind ofrelationship between conflict and the style of positive or negative conflict, under the influenceof emotional intelligence, whether the relationship of them will make a big change.Firstly, based on the reference of many scholars’ research literature, and exploring theconflict motivation dimension, it will benefit for us to understand the causes of conflict, andthen we can take different solutions for different conflict factors. In reference on the basis offormer research, it is known that conflicts factors including personality differences, differencein values and personal goals, the differences between the way of working, communication andrelationship is harmonious or not, age discrimination, and different interests, etc.Secondly, based on the test reliability and validity, we adjust conflict factors, conflictcontrol, emotional intelligence, positive and negative conflict regulation and factor analysis todetermine the variable factor. Results showed that several variables are passed the reliabilityand validity of the readings, and determined the conflict motivation can use emotional friction,personal relationship is harmonious or not, the difference of individual character, thinking, thedifferences between the life and the work way, communication barriers to measure. However,emotional intelligence can be measured by I know the reason for my emotions; I know moreabout my emotions; I know a lot about their emotions, When in trouble, I can control theiremotions; When I’m angry, I can usually in a very short period of time to calm down. I oftenset goals for myself and try to achieve these goals; I always encourage myself to do your best;I can usually guess from the behavior of friends and colleagues around their emotions, and Iknow the person’s mood. Positive conflict control regulation measure is to try to find acompromise to resolve the deadlock, negotiate with each other to reach an agreement, try toresearch questions, together with each other to find a solution that is acceptable to both eachother, I will work with each other for each other can accept the decision. Negative conflictcontrol measures include trying to meet the needs of each other, complying with theexpectations of each other, try to avoid have different opinions with each other, trying to hidedifferent opinions with each other, in order to avoid damage the relationship, using the influence, make my view is interpreted, insist on your opinion, and argued.Finally, using the PLS model test the relationship between the latent variables, The resultshows: the conflict control and emotional intelligence is negative correlation relationship,conflict with the positive and negative are all positively relationship, but the relationshipbetween negative conflict control is more significant. Conflict control while under theinfluence of emotional intelligence have positive correlation, but positive positive relationshipbecomes more significant.
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