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Empirical Analysis On Quality Of Statistical Data

Posted on:2014-12-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2269330425971276Subject:Business Administration
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Statistical data is an important basis for government management and decision-making people, data quality is the life of statistics. In recent years, with economic development and information being making known tu public and transparent, statistics increasingly gained the attention of the public, at the same time, more and more people questioned the statistical data, some scholars and media even doubt the authenticity of china’s statistical data. This paper reviews the theory of statistical data quality and diagnostic methods, Benford law theory and panel data models and other modern statistical methods, statistical data on local reliability and coordination of evaluation studies and conduct outliers diagnosis.There are six Parts in this paper. The first Part is introduction. It gives a preview of the background and the purport of the subject, including the topics of the background and significance, research methods, the structure of the article.The second part is a theoretical review and literature review, describes the quality of statistical data and diagnostic methods theory introduce the theory and statistical data quality diagnostic methods the theory brifly. The third part is preparing for the empirical analysis, including describeing the construction of models, selecting indicators of models, and the associated logic analysis. The fourth part is empirical testing Benford law analysis, the total GDP and the reference variable Benford law test data, analyze data quality and reliability, combined with the overall impact analysis methods to analyze data quality problems may exist regions. The fifth part of the empirical analysis for the panel model, based on the examination of the data to construct provincial GDP growth rate assessment model, and by calculating the absolute percentage error, using models to assess the various regional data for outliers diagnosis. The sixth part is the conclusion, summarize the conclusions of the empirical analysis, described the main features of this article and inadequacies.
Keywords/Search Tags:Quality of statistical data, Assessment Coordination, Outlierdiagnostics
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