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The Research Of Rental Bicycle And Public Transportion’ Continuous Combination Use Intention

Posted on:2015-01-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2272330452453200Subject:Transportation planning and management
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Under the background of “bus city”, cities all are buildingthe rail transit and busrapid transitstrongly.However,with the development of the city, resident’traveldistance are on the increase, bicycle become effective mode to solve the problem of“the last kilometer” with the short distance shuttleadvantages.Severe haze weather inmany cities of China causedmore discussion of low-carbon transportation from allwalks of life.Rental bicycle become the new force for develop the low-carbontransportion with the zero energy consumption, zero emissions, low noise and lessland domestic disadvantages,some domestic cities such as Shanghai, hangzhou,chengdu, shenzhen successively built rental bicycle system.In order to build “greentraffic, human traffic and science and technology traffic” of the Beijing’newtransportation system.Beijing on the premise of the expansion of the rail transit,encouraging people to adopt the way of rent bicycles combine with public transport totravel.At present, the Beijing municipal rental bicycle system is still infancy, theinfrastructure is not perfect enough, rent a car (yet a car) and transfer to the transit arenot convenient makes the quality of service provided by rental bike still not toooptimistic, many residents are less willing to use again after first use this combinationway to travel.Based on this, throughsummarize the domestic and foreign literature reviewfound that the theory of rented bicycles combine with the public transport continuoususe intention’research is still in the blank stage.First of all, based on the analysis ofBeijing currently leasing points bicycle usage and rent bicycle usage patterns, teaseoutinfluencing factorswhich have a effect on thecombination of travel behaviour.Then,reference the information system, mobile reading and repeat purchase(repeated use) research’ framework, combining the theory of planned behavior ofsocial psychology and service quality-satisfaction-customer loyalty theory toconstruct comprehensive model of rental bicycles and public transport travelcontinued use intention.The modelimprove the external factorsbased on the analysisof predecessor’research, divides into the external factorsin three aspects: travelerindividual demographic characteristics, travel and transportation environmentcharacteristic.What’more,through designing questionnaire,usingAMOS21.0and SPSS softwareto deal with data, the model is verified.The results show that the rental bike servicequality, overall satisfaction, attitude, subjective norm and perceived behavior control has a direct effect on constant use intention.Relatively speaking, the effect ofsubjective norm for continued use intention is the most significant.Finally, under the precondition of comprehensive model, bulid manygroupstructural equation model of continued use intention from traveler individualdemographic characteristics, travel and transportation environment characteristic threeaspects respectively. The results show that for different types of people, the mostcritical factors affecting continuous use intention would be different.From the aspectsof planning, design and management,the results provide theoretical basis for theoperators and managers to implement differentiation strategy.
Keywords/Search Tags:theory of planned behavior, satisfaction, continuous use intention, structural equation model
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