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Application Research Of Display Design For Small Household Electrical Appliance Based On Virtual Reality Technology

Posted on:2016-03-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Papers from the rise of the background and experience to promote the economic development needs of the market of electronic commerce under virtual showcase breakthrough products and beyond. In the era of knowledge economy, Product design has been an integral part of the industrial design of the system is very important and is a cross-disciplinary research in the field, by the socio-economic, science and technology, the impact of the art technology level is more significant in the course of its development. Especially in recent years to make the experience economy prompted a virtual interactive design and develop technology, products from the traditional static display to the dynamic presentation, from passive to active viewing experience extends from the virtual reality space to the development trend of multi-dimensional space. The use of a virtual showcase the advantages of digital product information to convey to consumers that can be good for businesses and designers to develop new products utilized in order to maximize shorten the development cycle of new products, not only for small household appliances developed to provide a great convenience, but also to avoid the traditional way and show physical characteristics of the vulnerability of small household electrical appliances disharmony drawbacks. However, virtualization and virtual display mode is a unified model, it requires us to apply different personalized Products were.The main topic is the small household electrical appliances as objects show, a series of analyzes from the application status of virtual reality technology, technology development, and small household appliances market consumption display design, user experience, and so on, it is also from the market demand and small appliances contradiction between the products were analyzed, and then in-depth analysis of virtual technology applied research designed to show in a small home appliances. By way of small appliances Products for analysis, combined with virtualization technology type and characteristics of the study demonstrate key technologies, applications, advantages and significance, and then try to apply the test case, the dialectical analysis of the relationship between art and technology. In 3 dsMax software for small household electrical appliances in a virtual three-dimensional model of the design, the small household electrical appliances for virtualization, and then make a virtual model of the interaction of small appliances feature animation in Flash CC interactive software, and then design small appliances virtual exhibition design system interface in Photoshop design software inside the plane, the last production of small household electrical appliances virtual display system integration and publishing. Through detailed an example of espresso machine designed for virtual showcase application practice, to proving this project idea.Small appliances Product Design application of virtual reality technology point of view, not only can improve the efficiency of small household electrical appliances exhibition design and brand promotion efforts, but also can improve the efficiency of small home appliance product display design and enhance the brand promotion, it has good practical value and application of theory prospects.
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