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Research On Interactive Narration Of Virtual Reality Images

Posted on:2022-12-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J X ZouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2505306773499554Subject:Computer Software and Application of Computer
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With the rapid development of science and technology,the intersection between science and art has given virtual reality images endless creative inspiration and development space,but also enriched the language and perspective of image art expression.The panoramic audio-visual provided by virtual reality image technology subverts the traditional “picture frame“ appreciation method of image,and brings a brand new sensory experience and narrative way.It changes our traditional cognitive mode through creative interweaving techniques.It directly presents to the audience the virtual world constructed in the creator's mind,blurring the boundary between the audience and the “screen“.How to make the interactive narrative creation of virtual reality images get more in-depth exploration and face a broader space is the focus of this paper.The production process of virtual reality images has changed greatly compared with the traditional image narrative language,and the interactive characteristics of virtual reality images have also brought great impact on the traditional image narrative language,so that the audience has changed from passively receiving pictures to actively participating in the narrative.Because virtual reality is much a sensory experience and the characteristics of the immersive experience,make the design with the traditional image of a bigger change,the creator of thought no longer entirely is the leader of the narrative direction,because the audience from the“audience“ to “participant“ identity transformation,image narrative direction and the results will change with the audience interaction behavior.Therefore,creators need to think more about how to guide the audience to get a good user experience.However,in the current related professional fields,there are few systematic analysis and sorting of virtual reality images from the perspective of narrative.Therefore,interactive narrative technique in virtual image design is an important task for us to explore.This paper mainly studies the narrative characteristics of interactive narrative images in the context of virtual reality and the innovative design of interactive narrative of virtual reality images.The first chapter gives a systematic overview of virtual reality image.From the aspects of concept analysis,interactive design language,immersion design language and narrative guidance,the differences between virtual reality image and traditional image creation are compared and explained.The second chapter discusses the narrative research with interactivity from the perspective of narratology and analyzes the construction of the form and content of interactivity narrative image.Chapter three analyzes the interactive narrative characteristics of virtual reality images,divides the types of interactive narrative,clarifies the interactive narrative characteristics,interactive ways and narrative context of virtual reality images,and puts forward problems and difficulties.The fourth chapter explores the innovation of virtual reality images,analyzes the interactive narrative design ideas of virtual reality images from the aspects of interactive design expression,information guidance and narrative environment,and builds a logical illustration model by demonstrating with examples.Chapter five discusses the existing problems and development prospects of virtual reality images and expands the development trend of interactive narrative of virtual reality images in the future.Finally,the author draws a conclusion by thinking about the future and society.To sum up,when the traditional way of image expression and narrative is broken,we urgently need to build a new set of visual grammar and narrative mode of virtual reality image.This paper start from the interaction design of virtual reality image,both at home and abroad on the basis of theoretical research,from the creation and the method of theory combining with the understanding of virtual reality,the understanding of the system narrative mode and characteristics of virtual reality image,from the perspective of narrative language to explore interactive virtual reality image under the narrative form,aesthetic character and interaction characteristics in the virtual image design,and summarizes the virtual presently The design idea of narrative language in real image works.It provides theoretical reference and creative ideas for the creation and narrative design of virtual reality images.
Keywords/Search Tags:virtual reality, image interaction design, narratology
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