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The Application Of Semantic Translation And Communicative Translation To English-Chinese Translation Of A Reader About Translation Studies

Posted on:2015-03-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M F HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2295330482970332Subject:English translation
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In the process of translation, translation methods and modes are different in accordance with various types of texts. Based on the text types, Peter Newmark put forward two translation methods:semantic translation and communicative translation.On the basis of writer’s translation practice, this paper focuses on discussing the difficulties met during the translation and explaining how to solve them by application of semantic translation and communicative translation in detail. There are three main difficulties, including translation of long sentences, of words and sentences with cultural elements, and of translation theoretical terms. All the examples are from the book Basics of Translation Study written by Cay Dollerup for Chinese readers. The writer selects two chapters of this book to be translated and analyzed in this paper. The selected part belongs to mixed text of informational and expressive text, in which informational text is the main section while expressive text as a supplement. Therefore, while translation the source text; semantic translation and communicative translation are used.Under the instruction of semantic translation and communicative translation, completely understanding and analyzing the source text, four specific translation methods are concluded to deal with the problems of long sentences:linear translation, inverse translation, separating translation and comprehensive translation. For the second problem namely words or sentences with cultural elements, based on the content of the selected chapters, three ways to translate them are summed up:overt translation and covert translation of time; transition of synonym; and conversion of extended senses. For the last difficulty, translation of theoretical terms, semantic translation is applied, with the serious attitude and professional expressions to convey the meaning of the source text.
Keywords/Search Tags:English-Chinese translation, semantic translation, communicative translation, long sentences, cultural elements, theoretical terms
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