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Study On The Qualification Checking Of Civil Servant Recruitment In China

Posted on:2015-01-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330431457040Subject:Administrative Management
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Since the establishment of civil servant recruitment system in China, government always keep the principle of open, equality, competition and merit-based enrollment. The recruitment examination system has selected a lot of talents who are qualified and capable. After several times’reform and development, our country forms a more mature operating instruction and measures on the civil servant recruitment examination system. But, in the practice, it still has many drawbacks which need further work and improvement. The recent researches about Chinese civil servant recruitment examination system are more macro perspective rather than micro perspective. Concrete researches about the civil servant recruitment examination system are infrequent.This thesis takes a look at it another way, select the area of checking on civil servant recruitment to find the problem and make the countermeasure and suggestion. The qualification examination is used for the administrative departments of civil servants to check the basic information and the qualification of the applicants. It is an important link in the civil servant test. In order to ensure the equality and scientific of the civil servant test, the government needs to check data in the first trial, review the information, prepare the physical examination and investigate the applicants’ behavior. It is really meaningful to improve the qualification checking on civil servant recruitment examination system. This paper aims to find, analyze and solve the problems of qualification-checking based on the literature analytic method, investigation and consult method, questionnaire study and comparative method. The main contents are in the followings:The first part is exordium. In this section, this article mainly explores the research background, significances and situation related to the qualification checking of civil servant test, and investigates the tendency and lack points about this topic. Furthermore, this paper also introduces the main thoughts and contents of this study.The second part is the theoretical analysis and International implications of qualification checking. It discusses the basic problems of the qualification-checking, and makes a detailed description about the concepts, purposes, contents and functions to introduce the qualification checking. In addition, this chapter also makes introductions of Western qualification checking and summarizes the characteristics of them. The third part analyzes the problems in qualification checking. On the basis of a huge mass of data and the data analysis, this section emphasizes on exploring the imperfect laws and regulations about qualification checking, the lagged system construction of qualification checking and the problems in practical operations.The fourth part mainly describes the countermeasures of the qualification-checking. This article will give advice in four aspects:improve the legal system of qualification-checking, improve the mechanism of qualification checking, introduce the regulation of qualification checking and establish the subject catalog of civil servant examination.This thesis systematically investigates the qualification checking based on the research of the civil servant recruitment examination. This research could provide some valuable references and thoughts about the practice operations in the qualification checking. This is also the innovation part of this paper.
Keywords/Search Tags:civil servant recruitment, qualification checking, problems, countermeasures
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