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Study On Poverty Alleviation Policy Issues Under The Perspective Of Dunn The Standard Of Public Policy Evaluation Theory

Posted on:2015-08-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330431486056Subject:Administrative Management
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In the process of human social and economic development, all countries in theworld are facing a common problem-poverty, it is an important factor of nationaleconomic fluctuation, which was also home to social unrest, and that governments andacademic and research institutions are concerned about its existence and development,China is a developing country, economic base is very poor, coupled with a largepopulation, poverty problem in China is very sharp, deficient job is very formidable, thatpoverty is based on the situation, The Chinese government has adopted manyanti-poverty policies and measures to tackle poverty. Evaluation of poverty alleviationpolicy is beneficial to improve the poor policy performance, is conducive to thedevelopment of diseases control, consolidate and strengthen the work of variouscountries and regions, experts and scholars have begun to evaluate a series of system ofpoverty reduction policies, to improve the local poverty alleviation effect, therefore, toour country, research policy evaluation poverty alleviation policy shows the necessity,and has been imminent.Pro-poor policies, Liaoning Province, has made remarkable achievements, to meetthe needs of the majority of the poor, solve a lot of poverty. However, due to variousreasons, there are many problems of poverty, though not many, but also very difficult tosolve, this a series of problems has great influence on the construction and developmentof Liaoning’s economy, hindering the construction of harmonious society, the basic statusof Liaoning province and the poor based on, we need to innovate and expand the poorthinking, according to the actual situation of poverty continued to develop, adjust andimprove the poverty alleviation policy, efforts to improve the effect of helping the poor.In this paper, through an in-depth study on the situation of Liaoning Pro poorpolicies, combined with the Dunn policy evaluation standard theory. According to theevaluation standard for analysis, theory about policies at home and abroad evaluationstandard, elaborated the Liaoning poverty policy present situation and the existingproblems, in the standard hierarchical structure, comprehensive policy evaluation results,efficiency, fairness, responsiveness, four standards, organization, management, planning,comparison of four aspects to reflect the poverty alleviation policy process of Liaoning province and the problems, help to examine poverty policy effect, the macro effect ofPoverty Alleviation Policies in Liaoning province and microscopic effects,comprehensive grasp of the economic effects and social effects, and puts forward thesupervision and management of policy implementation, improve the poverty reductionpolicies, establish fund management dynamic poverty alleviation policy, increase povertyAlleviation Policies propaganda is an important way to solve the problem of PovertyAlleviation Policies in Liaoning Province, based on the policy of the facts as the basis,combining the empirical analysis of the causes of the problem, to find the shortcomingsof poor policy in Liaoning Province, and further policy recommendations, poverty, toprovide policy and improve the basis for policy-makers, and through the integration ofresources and the allocation policy, let us Liaoning province’s sound and rapid economicdevelopment, and lay a solid foundation for the construction of socialist harmonioussociety.
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