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The Research About The Public Service Facilities Of Tianjin Indemnificatory Housing

Posted on:2015-06-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330434959512Subject:Administrative Management
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Live to be the basic requirement of the people’s livelihood engineering in our country,housing as a key project, ensure the livelihood of the people’s of low-income people is ofgreat importance, and utility of affordable housing planning layout and the constructionsituation is different from other types of community, directly affect the housing communityresidents quality of life, which is related to the stability and harmony of the society, is ofgreat significance.In this paper, the study of public service facilities of tianjin housing, first on therelated basic theory, the thesis of researching housing public service facilities, based on thebasic research on the construction of tianjin housing utility, understand the situation andexisting problems of affordable housing in our country. Secondly control related standardsstudies of tianjin housing public welfare facilities, commercial facilities layout andconfiguration standards. This article mainly to the field to the affordable housingcommunity residents’ satisfaction with the use of the public service facilities, by comparingthe methods of research and data analysis, research the affordable housing communityresidents for community supporting the use of public facilities. Analysis and research ofpublic service facilities in the planning and layout, configuration standards and otherproblems, an analysis of the causes of the problems existing in the, mainly includinggovernment departments, policy regulations and supporting the main body of the reasons ofthe conflicts of interest, such as. Under the research of the above, according to people’s lifedemand, in order to improve the public service facilities of service quality, adjust thestructure of the facilities, to public matching optimization Suggestions.The results show that the planning and construction of affordable housing utility isaffected by the geographical position is bigger, in addition to the education facilities, otherservice facilities like culture of public welfare facilities generally has some problems, cannot meet the requirement of the affordable housing community residents to use. Affordablehousing construction is convenient and people popular project, in the study of this article isbased on public welfare facilities for room key, the education facilities, medical and healthcare facilities and other public service facilities, in-depth analysis of the optimization of theinfrastructure resources and put forward reasonable and effective measures, of course, thecommercial housing community facilities also puts forward the corresponding optimizationmeasures, these measures to solve the problem is closely related to the residents of publicservice facilities, improve the housing residents satisfaction is of great significance for thepublic service facilities.So on the basis of scientific standard and the actual usage, the combination of public facilities can streamline the planning and construction of affordable housing utility.
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