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The Current Study Of The Problem Of Women’s Political Participation In Our Country

Posted on:2016-05-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330461954673Subject:Political Theory
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With the continuous improvement of the human society civilization and the development of women’s studies, women’s political participation is paid more and more attention by the world-wide academics. Women’s political participation is an important part of the construction of socialism democratic political in our country, and is also a significant ruler of measuring the level of a country’s civilization and progress. The level and quality of women’s political participation is an important symbol of their social and economic status. To the conceptual analysis of the politics, the special feature of women’s political participation is its participation body, which is female. With the progress of society, women groups begin to develop rapidly,their performance is becoming more and more prominent in political activities,the responsibilities and the role of the women in the affairs of society are also becoming more and more heavy. The issue of women in their role is also increasingly important in the society. Women’s political participation is not only their rights but also their responsibilities and obligations. In the process of women’s political participation, they are both able to actively contribute their ideas for the development of the country, and contribute their efforts to the progress of the society, and they also can get their opportunities in social development, make a space for themselves in the male dominated society. Therefore, it doesn’t only get the benefit for the women, but also the development of the entire community with the full realization of women’s political participation.China is an ancient country with the civilization and history for five thousand years, and is also a developing country to make efforts for achieving modernization. The continuous development of our economy and society is a fundamental determinant factor, which can promote the level of the women’s political participation in our country. Women as a force to promote social development should not be underestimated. Improving the level of our women’s political participation is not only a concrete performance of the superiority of socialism, but also an inherent requirement of building a socialist harmonious society. Nowadays, China is at an important historical period of social transition. We should give full play to the positive role of women’s political participation. Because the other factors’ obstruction, such as the negative impact of Chinese traditional political culture, the guarantee of the legal system is not in place, the economic development is lagging behind…, the necessity and role of our women’s political participation is far from being reflected and developed. To this end, our country should formulate a variety of institutions and encourage mechanisms for ensuring the right of women’s political participation, improving the level of political participation and promoting the development of socialist democracy. According to analysis the current situations, problems and causes of women’s political participation, this paper discusses a number of countermeasures about how to solve the problems of women’s political participation.
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