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South Of Shaanxi Relocation And Poverty Reduction

Posted on:2014-09-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330425453510Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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South Shanxi is the country reduces the poor investment the key region, the government and the academic circles extremely pays attention regarding this.Southern Shaanxi is situated in the Qinba Mountain area, including Hanzhong, Ankang and Shangluo three cities, because of its topography complex and weak economic foundation, the natural disaster is frequent, causing the economic development to be low, the impoverished rate is high. To further promote the economic development of southern Shaanxi area, Shaanxi plans in2011-2020years, altogether moves2.4million population. Because, the migrant relocation project scale big and lasted long, situation is complex, relates to the survival and sustainable development of this region several million people, research that therefore, moves to southern Shaanxi area poverty-reduction and immigration, not only has the vital practical significance, but also has the profound theoretical significance.To reducing poverty with the immigration problem, the domestic and foreign scholars started to study from the1880s. They drew the consistent conclusion through the massive investigations and empirical studies, namely the immigration moves to be able effectively to ease the resettlement site pressure, lowers the impoverished level, to developing the economical and protective umbrella is significant. The starting point of southern Shaanxi migrant relocation project is\"poverty-reduction evades disaster\", the key point of research is to immigrate to move and reduce poverty the relations, it not only key to success or failure of resettlement, but also can for other with Qin Palestine area condition similar region implementation poverty-reduction plan, as well as considered the area that takes the immigration to reduce poverty provides the experience.The logical arrangement of present paper follows theory and practice unifies to carry on:First, theory part manifests in the introduction and ending of part paper, mainly to immigrating to move the correlation theories and reducing poverty to carry on the concrete elaboration, and reveals inner link between both; Next, practices the investigation and study, mainly carries on the introduction and overall appraisal to the project that this regional immigration moves, the confirmation immigrates to move to the effect of southern Shaanxi area poverty-reduction; Third, through the diagnosis, point out the migrant relocation existing problem, as well as various factors of restriction poverty-reduction; The article ending part, according to the actual situation in southern Shaanxi area, proposed that a series of improves to immigrate to move and helps the immigrant get rid of the impoverished trend wealthy countermeasure.The full text is divided into five major parts:First to the theoretical foundation of paper-immigrates to move and impoverished connotation and poverty-reduction theory carries on the theoretical summing-up; Next, uses the sample as an example, introduced that its geographical qualification, society and economic development present situation, the feasibility of proof immigration, and through on-the-spot investigation to southern Shaanxi migrant relocation project settlement, the analysis immigration and reduces poverty the intrinsic logic relations; Conditionality factor of problem and poverty-reduction that once more, the analysis migrant relocation project has; The risk that finally, initiates to give the revision comment in view of southern Shaanxi regional immigration project has the issue and immigrant, provides to use for reference for other immigrant the poverty-reduction of project and poverty-stricken mountainous area.
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