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Research On The Local Government Behavior Towards The Upgrading Progress Of Industrial Clusters In Quanzhou

Posted on:2016-12-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y T ZhongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330479487200Subject:Public administration
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After years of development and perfection, the industrial clusters produce a positive effect on the development of Quanzhou with an expanding industry clusters scale and enhanced overall competitiveness. Up to now, the industrial clusters of Quanzhou have become a demonstration area for intensive and economical use of lands. The improved technology content and competitiveness not only make the industrial clusters of Quanzhou play an exemplary role but also make an outstanding contribution to promote the local economy. Nevertheless, there are some problems occurred in the process of the development of industrial clusters such as lack of policy support, the imbalance of industrial structure and so on. This paper adopts empirical research method as the research method and takes public management theory as the analysis tool to conduct a comprehensive research on the industrial clusters of Quanzhou to find out the main problems occurred in the current situation. It’s necessary to know what role would the government play and what responsibilities and obligation should the government take in the process of economic development. To get the answer, the paper conducts a thorough research from the perspective of the inherent law of development of industrial clusters.The paper takes the local government behavior during the upgrade of Quanzhou industrial clusters as the research object. Firstly, the paper sets forth related theory about the local government behavior in the upgrading process of industrial clusters; Secondly, it analyzes the current situation of Quanzhou local government behaviors in the upgrading process of industrial clusters, pointing out the existing problems, mainly including lack of policy guidance, inconsistent development between the development of economy and society, omission of government behavior and inadequate efforts to form the industrial chain. Then it turns to dissect the reason that brings about the problems, basically including the misunderstanding about the orientation of the function of government, lack of channels to obtain information, incompetence of the officers, unreasonable government performance appraisal system. On this basis, the paper proposes the optimizing strategy to improve the government behavior including speeding up the idea transformation of government behavior, making scientific industry clusters development plan, optimizing the government guidance and strengthening the government service. Finally, this paper makes a summing-up of the research and puts forward the prospect of the future orientation of the government behavior in the upgrading progress of industrial clusters.
Keywords/Search Tags:Quanzhou, Industrial Cluster, Government Behavior
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