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Research On Grass-Roots Goverment Public Service Ablity Raise

Posted on:2017-04-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Y HanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330485961566Subject:Public administration
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The grass-roots government, namely, refers to the county and township government. Especially the township government, as a minimum level of five administrative systems of our country government agencies, because of its facing agriculture, rural areas and farmers, is an important part of the connection, contact state and the masses, mainly the essential role, in the administrative system of our country occupy the important functionalism status. Due to many years of urban and rural dual system, rural basic public services and the larger gap between the city’s public service, in the background to build a well-off society in an all-round way, improve the level of rural public services, is currently a priority, and also is the necessary way of narrowing the urban-rural dual system. Based on grass-roots government public service capacity as the research object, the main analysis of the current grass-roots government can provide public services and public products and the masses of grass-roots government required to provide public services and public goods, the gap between use of case study, theoretical analysis and dynamic analysis of three methods of analysis, with reference to the basic public service evaluation method, from the subjective evaluation and objective evaluation and third-party evaluation from three aspects, to whether can meet the demand of the object, the object of public service satisfaction, quality of public service, public service efficiency, the government financial input and the third party for big data analysis criteria, classification of basic public services and standards, and analysis and Linda county shingle town as the representative of grass-roots government public service present situation, found that the lack of basic unit government in the field of public service, compared to developed countries of the local government in public service spending powers, responsibilities and divided into "limited government", the successful experience of the construction from three aspects, from the integration of governmental responsibilities unequal, grass-roots government transformation lag, integration between supply and demand and examination mechanism imperfect four aspects analyzes the lack of grass-roots government public service ability, from the grass-roots government and the responsibility of rights, promote grass-roots government transformation, establish public opinion expression channel and perfecting examination evaluation mechanism four aspects put forward the suggestion that promotes the public service ability, in order to promote grass-roots government public service ability and level, increase the degree of satisfaction to provide certain theoretical support.
Keywords/Search Tags:grass-roots government, public service, public products, service oriented government, the satisfaction of the masses
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