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Government Affairs Information All Media Open Model Research

Posted on:2016-07-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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All the advent of the era of media, expand the audience access to government information, also changed the way the spread of administrative information.Administrative information public media, has experienced from the government gazette,archives and public libraries,government affairs public bar,to traditional media such as newspapers, radio, television, and then to e-government website,weibo, e-government micro letter released a variety of channels such as integrated development process. With the channel development, government information publicity has been gradually into according to the characteristics of the information qualities, the audience to choosing the way of government affairs information release. Comb the development course of our country government information publicity is presented in this paper, on the basis of comprehensively expounds the entire media era of government affairs information open mode. In the body of the government information publicity,from part-time to professional development,and contains almost all departments; In terms of the content of the public, the scope of the restrictions on less and less, in addition to routine administrative information public, the media for crisis information release also has its own unique advantages;In a public way, build the multimedia three-dimensional publishing platform,USES the technique of expression of rich media; The audience gradually become an important part of information disclosure; In terms of communication effect, improve efficiency, benign communication channels between the government, the media,the public is to build step by step.
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