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Discuss On The Establishment Of Sino-U.S New Pattern Of Relationship Between Great Powers

Posted on:2016-01-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Sino-U.S new pattern of relationship between great powers is the current important diplomatic strategy ideology faced to the new international situation, which was put forward by our country, and it is also the new way for dealing with the diplomatic relations among China, America and other surrounding countries. President Xi Jinping made a general generalization for the concept of Sino-U.S new pattern of relationship between great powers,, which is a great power relationship based on non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation.Enter the 21 st Century, China’s economy obtained the unprecedented development, we have made the world-famous achievements on the aspects of politics, economy, culture, military affairs, science and technology and so on, our comprehensive national strength has greatly improved, political situation has been stable, military power has been enhanced. As a burgeoning great power appeared on the international stage, China has aroused worldwide attention based on becoming the “responsible power”. China should deal with the relationships with the surrounding countries well if it wanted to develop, especially the relation with America, the relationship between America and China has gone through the historic development stage that from the crisis toward to peace, the establishment of Sino-U.S new pattern of relationship between great powers is the strategic consensus of the two leaders of China and the America. America hopes to break the traditional thinking patterns of “Power leading to hegemony”, “As distinct as friend from foe”, “Confrontation and conflict”, “zero-sum game”, which were the main characteristics of the country, and they wants to establish friendly diplomatic relationship with “Competition and cooperation”, “Challenges and benefits” and “Cooperation and win-win”, and actively explore the new pattern of the harmonious development of America and China.Sino-U.S new pattern of relationship between great powers was established in the innovative thinking mode of the new starting point, it should break the constraint of traditional thinking patterns, eliminate the estrangements between the countries, effort to reduce the distance between the two countries, thus conducive to promote the strategic mutual trust between America and China on the aspect of political and economic, and promote the world peace and development, the establishment of Sino-U.S new pattern of relationship between great powers would have far-reaching impact on the development of the global political and economic situation.
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