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The Leaders Of Grassroot Social Organizations And Resource Dependence Among Organizations

Posted on:2016-01-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Leader is an important factor to affect the development of the organization. As for most of the Grassroot social organizations, leader is also the most imp ortant factor,especially for the organizations in the start-up period. But, what fu ntion do the Grassroot Social Organizatios’leaders have? In my opinion,in add ition to internal management,the Grassroot Social Organizations leaders greatly affect the flow of resources between the Grassroots Social Organizations and e xternal organization. Further, how does this process producedand and completed? This paper will present the process based on the view of Resource Dependen ce Theory, through three typical cases and the classification of those leaders. At last, I found that,because of the different background and characteristics of the individual’s, the Grassroot social organizations leaders affect the following a spects,the object which the the resource from, the structure of interaction of r esources, the efficiency of resource interaction, the range of resource depende nce.The organization relewance is extensive, diverse, dynamic, so government n eeds to pay attention to improving abilities of leaders in the organization,such as community, social enterprise, supporting organizations, which will promote the sustainable development of social organizations. At the same time, we shou ld strengthen the cultivation of citizen consciousness.
Keywords/Search Tags:Grassroot social organization, leaders, Resource Dependence Theory related organizations, a case study
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