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Research On Government Behavior Of Jingdezhen Helicopter Industrial Cluster Development

Posted on:2019-03-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330545463899Subject:Public Management
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The development of industrial cluster is a strong support and core power for the development of the world economy,and contributes a lot to the local economy.Its importance is obvious.The development of industrial clusters also follows the universal law of market economy.How to cultivate and accelerate the development of industrial clusters has become the key research direction of local governments.How to make use of government intervention to carry out macro and micro resource allocation for industrial cluster development and realize the greatest impetus to the development of industrial clusters,not only need the research on the general law of industrial cluster development,but also the specific analysis of the specific circumstances of different industries and different regions.Jingdezhen is one of the earliest industrial cities to form industrial clusters all over the world.There are ceramic industry clusters,electronic information industry clusters,chemical industry clusters and machinery manufacturing industrial clusters.In recent years,the Jingdezhen helicopter industry has been highly valued by the local government,and the speed of development is obviously higher than that of other industries.It has entered into the key development of the 3+1(ceramics,aviation,automobile and Tourism)industry in Jingdezhen.It is an important part of the development plan of the aviation industry in Jiangxi Province,and has become a demonstration area of the helicopter industry in the strategic emerging industries of the state..This paper studies the government behavior in the development of Jingdezhen helicopter industrial cluster.It provides the reference basis for the government to formulate and improve the relevant policies to further promote the development of the cluster.It is beneficial for Jingdezhen to rely on the development of the helicopter industry and promote the promotion of innovation ability in the region.It is beneficial to the development of the related industries and the promotion of the competitive advantage of the regional industrial clusters through the cluster of helicopters.To promote the development of local economy,to lay the strategic layout of industrial development and to revitalize the helicopter industry in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:industrial clusters, government behavior, Jingdezhen, helicopters
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