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Research On The Social Mobilization Of East Turkistan Organizations

Posted on:2016-12-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the 90’s of last century, the development of East Turkistan has been grown. They manufacture lots of violent terrible activities. However after 9·11,with the development of the international counter-terrorism activity, East Turkistan Organizations became famous. Since then, East Turkistan became a focus and a hot spot of domestic and foreign scholar and government department’s researches.This thesis is not the stylized research on the East Turkistan problems and East Turkistan Organizations in the traditional sense. The author will use the Social Mobilization Theory to resolve the problems of East Turkistan Organizations in this thesis. The purpose of the use of the Social Mobilization Theory, one is to make a thorough analysis on the operation mode of East Turkistan Organizations, the other is to consider how to prevent East Turkistan Organizations accordingly. In the process of writing, the author will make comprehensive use of normative analysis, historical analysis and comparative analysis.In the introduction, the author emphatically discusses terrorist nature of East Turkistan Organizations to make a distinction between them and national liberation organizations. From the perspective of international politics, rare persons support East Turkistan Organizations. East Turkistan Organizations are usually politically motivated and its activities also have violent characteristics. From the perspective of criminal law, East Turkistan Organizations’ behaviors are horrible, its purposes are specific and its structures are tight. East Turkistan Organizations usually take violent way and the consequence is to endanger the safety of people’s life and property. Its objective is the implementation of terrorist crime and its internal structure is strict and professional. Thus, the author’s point of view is, though East Turkistan Organizations hold National Interests and Religious Interests, its behavior is to undermine ethnic solidarity and split motherland. So East Turkistan Organizations are terrorist organizations rather than national liberation organizations.The first chapter focuses on the historical background and current conditions of East Turkistan Organizations’ mobilization. East Turkistan was used to refer to the area where uighurs live in Southern Xinjiang. In the late 19 th century and early 20 th century, imperialistic countries extended the geographical concept of East Turkistan as a political concept and combined it with national problems together, whose purpose is to incite ethnic division and dismember China.The evolution process of East Turkistan Organizations can be divided into two parts. Before the People’s Republic of China was established, East Turkistan Organizations had two founding activities in Kashi and Yili. After the People’s Republic of China was established, East Turkistan Organizations intensified internal and external connection, in this process there is no lack of the Soviet Union, the USA and the terrorist and extremist organizations.Social mobilization is that mobilization subject changes value, attitude and expectation of mobilization object to form certain ideological consensus, whose purpose is encouraging mobilization object to participate in some kind of organizations or some kind of activities to achieve a certain goal of thought or practice. The author argued that the theory of East Turkistan Organizations’ social mobilization and East Turkistan Organizations’ social mobilization’s separate is a theory that society is mobilization object or mobilization subject.East Turkistan Organizations need conditions to implement its mobilization. Since 20 th century, its current conditions of mobilization are geographical condition, lack of identity condition and the reform and opening condition. Geographically, Xinjiang borders with multination and its ethnic and religious problems are complex. Muslims in Xinjiang still feel marginalized and their identity for China and Chinese people is not enough. At the same time, the reform and opening policy makes the door of this country open, the Double Pan idea can be spread widely in Xinjiang, and East Turkistan members can more easily contact East Turkistan Organizations outside.The second chapter is religion mobilization of East Turkistan Organizations. In terms of religion mobilization, East Turkistan Organizations use Pan-Islamism, Islamic Extreme Fundamentalism and Jihadist ideology as a mobilization flag. East Turkistan Organizations draw theory essence from Pan-Islamism, put religion interest supremacy and emphasize to distinguish between friends and pagans by religion. In addition, it seeks the help of international Pan-Islamism organizations. East Turkistan Organizations use the tide of Islamic Extreme Fundamentalism to engage in extremist religious activities and incite religious fanaticism in mosques and other places. To mobilize broad masses of Muslims in Xinjiang, East Turkistan Organizations advocate that Jihad is the key to open the door of heaven and Jihad is a sacred obligation of Muslims.The third chapter is national mobilization of East Turkistan Organizations. In terms of national mobilization, East Turkistan Organizations use Pan-Turkism, national self-determination theory and Turkic ethnic cultural viewpoint as a mobilization slogan. It preaches One Turk, One Country and put one-sided emphasis on Turkic People and the position of its culture in history. East Turkistan Organizations think all ethnic groups who speak Turkic have the national self-determination rights to establish a mono-ethnic state in Xinjiang.The fourth chapter consists of two parts: separate of religion mobilization and separate of national mobilization.In terms of separate of religion mobilization, the author thinks that it’s necessary to clarify and take separate policies in ways. Islam itself emphasizes tolerant and cleaves to balance. The ultimate goal of Jihad is being peace. In separate policy, the author thinks that the government can moderately relax control on religion and cultivate qualified lecturers. Meanwhile, the author combines latest hot spot, such as the promotion of national counter-terrorism, the establishment of national security committee and the provisions of the second review of Anti-Terrorism Act and so on.In terms of separate of national mobilization, Turkic has not formed the modern sense of nation. Ethnic groups who speak Turkic in Xinjiang are part of the Chinese nation. Meanwhile, in China such a multi-ethnic country, the content of national self-determination rights for ethnic people in Xinjiang is to safeguard China’s independence and promote China’s development. In separate policy, the author thinks that bilingual teaching can and need to be popularized and promoted in Xinjiang currently.Above all, this thesis’ s system is relatively complete. Social Mobilization Theory is both used to deconstruct the operation mode of East Turkistan Organizations and to separate East Turkistan Organizations’ mobilization. Though still having shortcomings, this thesis provides a new angle of view for studying East Turkistan Organizations. The author believes that it will be helpful to other scholars’ research.
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