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Research On The Strategy Of Improving The Satisfaction Of Employees In Ningde Maritime Safety Administration

Posted on:2017-03-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330485472679Subject:Public management
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Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of maritime and scientific development, to play a more active role in strategic planning and service national "Four traffic" development. Continue to make progress in the maritime same time, we also saw the presence of hidden behind the development, or impeding further obstacles to business prospects, and institutions such as stereotypes, under the rough business sense, so that efficiency is not high, the scarcity of talent. Thesis on Ningde Maritime Safety Administration employee satisfaction survey analysis, employee satisfaction research administrative unit case, through the implementation of a scientific incentive program, a number of incentives row enables the unit to get a lot of talented people, and you can put them in jail Enterprises prison hitch, thus promoting the development units.Firstly, on the basis of relevant theories of employee satisfaction Ningde Maritime Safety Administration Investigation conducted. In Ningde Maritime Safety Administration staff as the main object of study questionnaires, containing substances meet satisfaction, ability to meet the four variables, spiritual fulfillment, and other services to meet, to measure employee satisfaction. Questionnaire is divided into two parts:The first part is the staff basic personal information. The second part of Ningde Maritime Safety Administration staff satisfaction perception questionnaires. Using statistical software version spss19.0 questionnaire were analyzed. Through the survey found:Ningde Maritime Safety Administration staff feel satisfaction belong to the general level, in order to "meet the service" to meet at the highest level; the case of prime time Ningde Maritime Safety Administration workers feel "overall satisfaction" than the high level of youth and all employees meet; higher wages in "overall satisfaction" and all feelings of satisfaction levels were higher than the lower salary, the paper analyzes the problems and Ningde Maritime Safety Administration staff satisfaction.Secondly, the paper proposes to enhance the policy and safeguards Ningde Maritime Safety Administration staff satisfaction. Based on the basic principles put forward concrete strategies; improve the pay system, improve the evaluation and incentive system, improve staff training mechanism. Then, the paper proposes to enhance employee satisfaction Ningde MSA policy safeguards:highly supportive leadership, the implementation of a fair incentive system, balancing the rights of hand-regulation, building unit strategic culture.Thesis employee satisfaction research workers were able to collect the opinions and demands of units, to enhance staff loyalty and identity units. Meanwhile, research by capturing dynamic ideological and psychological needs, in order to take targeted measures. Employee satisfaction research can influence policy change and reform Investigation Unit of employees, the unit can help find out what needs to be improved, and the reform of institutions performing reform impact on employees, provide an important basis for human resource management decisions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ningde Maritime Safety Administration, Satisfaction, Motivation, Pay system
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