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Research On Administrative Ethnics Anomies And Governing Proposition Of Chinese Cop

Posted on:2017-02-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330485480374Subject:Administrative Management
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Police power is a “double-edged sword”. Equipped with that power, not only could police safeguard the public interest, but grab personal interests, hiding in the gray area between the legal and ethical. To protect public interest more effectively, except for strengthening internal controls, it is also important to cultivate the police’s internal morality at the same time. Recently, in spite of the good performance of Chinese police force, ethics anomie phenomenon still occurs sometimes in police’s administrative area, and a few events, which were enlarged by public media, damaged the public image of police. So, whether in the practical level, or in the theoretical level, it is both necessary to research on police administrative ethics anomies.Based on the theory of responsibility administration, the paper pointed out that administrative ethics to should be measured by administrative responsibility,and to determine whether there was anomie, it was necessary to determine whether the administrative responsibility be fulfilled or not. The paper also said there was three types of police administrative ethics anomie: type of interest conflict, type of power conflict and type of role conflict. There are several main reasons of police administrative ethics anomies, including the lack of individual ethical autonomy, the bad performance of police organization, the guide with bias of the police culture and the lack of support to police’s responsible administration by public.To realize positive interaction among four elements of responsible behavior(individual morality, organizational system, organizational culture and social expectations), the paper put forward its own recommendations, upholding the organic integration principle of internal control and external control. These recommendations are as follows. 1) To improve the police moral supervision mechanism, the author suggested to promote the police administrative ethics legislation process, to establish police ethics oversight bodies, and to carry out dynamic monitoring on police behavior. 2) To improve the police organization system, police administrative ethics system and HR management institution should be established with adequate funding guarantee. 3) To strengthen the police organization culture construction, scientific concept of internal evaluation is needed, and the administrations must pay attention to the construction police’s professional cultures and basic needs of policeman; 4) In aspect of optimizing the social environment of the police administration, it is important to defend the police law enforcement authority, to carry out a correct guidance of the public expectations to police and a reasonable response to the police public opinion.
Keywords/Search Tags:Police, Administrative ethnics anomies, Administrative responsibility
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