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Research On The Construction Of One-stop Service Platform For Social Assistance Under The Leadership Of Service-oriented Party

Posted on:2017-01-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Y XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330485999057Subject:Marxist theory
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During the 18th CPC National Congress, Communist Party of China has put forward the emphasis of work, which establishes service-oriented Marxist political party. This idea presents that the essence of Communist Party of China is people-oriented. Also, it is a strong strength to promote the service-oriented government. Social assistance is a method to protect the basic human dignity and maintain the basic rights of the people. In order to serve people in a better way, Interim Measures for Social Assistance proposed to build’a one-stop service platform’ for collaborative mechanism. So, the construction and perfection of one-stop service platform for social assistance is widely concerned.In the part of theoretical research, firstly, it analyzed the connotation of service-oriented party and service-oriented government. It expounds that the service-oriented party leads service-oriented government, and adheres to the purpose that work is for the public and governance is for the people. Secondly, this paper analyzes the connotation and characteristics of one-stop service platform and discusses the government hastens the establishment of this platform. The analyzing the characteristics of one-stop service platform in details:fairness, justice, transparency and efficiency.In the case study research part, it analyzed the current situation of social assistance platform-most of them are just integrating the service window. Multiple management and fragmentation patterns are still exist. Taking Jiangdong Street Social Assistance Center as the example, the paper studied its advantages and characteristics. One-stop service hall and one-stop service network are the two main modes. What’s more, it introducing the features and relationships of each element. Finally, the paper proposed a better mechanism of one-stop service platform for social assistance-network structure collaborative mechanism within the civil administration department and hierarchical structural collaborative mechanism within the government departments, which features are party committee leadership, government responsibility and social coordination. It will improve the efficiency of the government and increase the satisfaction of people.Basing on the dissect of one-stop service platform, the paper considered one-stop service platform has the following three social values. Reflecting the tenet of the party is governing for the people. It is a new method for the party to rule and an efficient way for the government to serve. As an advanced service model, one-stop service platform combined with China’s advanced system, which could improve the ruling ability. One-stop service platform also has the characteristics of convenient and efficient, fair and transparent, which can consolidate the party’s ruling position.
Keywords/Search Tags:social assistance, one-stop service, Public Service Theory
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