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The Study Of The Role Of The Township Government Improving Farmers’ Income

Posted on:2017-01-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Long-term since, as an agricultural country, China has a large number of agricultural population which accounts for most of the population of China. the living standard of peasant has been greatly improved since before reform and opening door policy. However, there are still many problems in countryside such as poor infrastructure, traffic inconvenience, farmers’ lower consumption level, the slow income increasing of farmers, which are in contrast to the perfect city infrastructure, convenient traffic developed, high income, high standard of living and consumption in city. The larger the urban-rural gap in China is, the less conducive the national economic and social development and stability is. Thus it can be seen that the problem of increasing farmers’ income is related to national social stability. As state administrative organs at the grass-roots level, Township government has responsibilities to exercise the jurisdiction of administrative function, carrying out the country’s rural social and economic development, playing a role in the organization, coordination, management of rural affairs. It is the direct executor of national guidelines, policies, measures. Therefore, township government plays a significant role in increasing farmers’ income. It is on this foundation that the paper explores its role in increasing farmers’income from the perspective of township government. It also discusses deeply how to build a long-standing mechanism to increase farmers’ income by analyzing the slow farmers’ income growth phenomenon of L town and its influence.On this basis, the paper probes into that how towns government sets up a long-term mechanism of increasing farmers’ income from multiple point of views:first of all, it should establish wholeheartedly for the people of villages and towns government service concept, building a service-oriented government to adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts, adjusting measures to local conditions, implementing the policy of increasing farmers’ income; the township government should exert its subject role in increasing farmers’ income to guide farmers’ income and have positive guiding role; township government should abandon the outdated notion waiting for superior support, and guide the farmers’ income hrough multiple channels; it should not only attach importance to the transfer of surplus labor force but also improve peasant quality through training and set up some service peasant workers information department, to increase farmers’ income; in terms of characteristics of income project, it also should encourage farmers to establish characteristic income project to improve the quality of agricultural products to promote the farmers’ income.
Keywords/Search Tags:increasing farmers’ income, the villages and towns government, service-oriented government, policy execution
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