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Reserch On Behavior Of Local Government In Festival Activities

Posted on:2018-10-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330518465677Subject:Public Administration
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Festival activity is one of the display platform of government action.With the planned transition to a market-based modern society,in the field of the festival activities,the government not only should meet the festival needs of the people,promote the development of culture,economic and multiple social benefits to people,but also face functional transformation test.The paper selects the KF City,as a type being rich in festival resource.Methods used in it include empiric,investigation,literature and so on.First,it clarifies the issue and meaning of "festival" and "government behavior",points out the dominant and necessity of the government action in the festival activities and three theoretical bases of this article: the industrial competitiveness,institutional change and limited intervention theory.Through the status investigation of KF City festival activities the paper defines the function of the government in festival activities at present,analyzes the government action,summarizes characteristics of KF City festival activities,and draw the basic structure of local festival activities associated with government action.Accordingly,from the perspective of the government,it proposes four main issues of KF city government behavior in festival activities in the Transitional Period..Finally,it puts forward countermeasures from four aspects :Firstly should make the role of government in festival activities clear;Secondly should tighten up the management to festival activities;Thirdly making a balance to the rapport of government behavior and the demand of market;Fourthly should pay close attention to the shortage of human resource in festival industry market.Taking KF City as an example,the paper reflects the difficulties and opportunities faced by the festival industry from a particular point of view,concludes that the festival industry will be continue to grow with economic development,but government action is precisely the key to this transition period.
Keywords/Search Tags:local government, festival activities, government behavior
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