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Administration And Strengthening Town Powers Reform Under The Perspective Of Policy Test—A Case Of Shunde

Posted on:2017-01-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M S LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330503468998Subject:Administrative Management
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Since China’s reform and opening up, Chinese used a unique reform method which is through the "pilot" to explore the reform experience, to spread the experience again after it mature gradually. Existing research has already better explained the local governments promoting the successful experience of reform and innovation in the field of economy and society. However, some scholars are down on the system reform of government within its own administrative.This paper carries out careful analyses of process in Streamlining Administration and Strengthening Town Powers Reform with a perspective of policy experiments. Based on the shunde reform as an example, it is using the theoretical of policy experiment to analysis the local government administrative system reform process.According to the different behavior subjects, detailed case represents the completed process which is divided into the launch of the reform agenda, the establishment of reform and the expansion of the pilot experience. This study provides a case in which the government work together to promote the reform process,and demonstrates the corresponding evidence chain. Though the system of centralized decided that the decision power of reformation is held by the central government, however,the resistance of top-down comprehensive reform is bigger also. Therefore, Local government tended to reform by using the method of pilot because of small range of pilot reforms can spread risk; Local governments can also have a certain degree of power to operate through pilot, promoting the system innovation of local governance, the local government information superiority into full play. Policy experiments inspired creativity in local government, spread the risk of reform and accorded with the particularity of local at the same time.The study found that the existing policy test theory in explaining the local concrete practice of the reform of subject to further accurate and detailed: first, in the application of the field, policy experiment is not only applicable to the economic field, is still applicable to administrative areas; Second, we need to focus on different parts at different levels, on the transverse longitudinal reform experience of similarities and differences between policy test;Third, the specific policy test phase is not only include the most scholars think only "pilot" and "promotion" two stages, and also includes the adjustment of the test phase. This paper tries to make supplement to existing policy test theory, and argues that the pilot power comes from the government at different levels in the reform of the main body behavior summed up the reform of the resultant force, this is the form and development of the local administrative system reform and innovation of continuous power. It found that pilot is not stable and randomness, but has its internal logic; the perspective of policy experiments just provides a framework to observe the reform of Shunde; the reform includes two stages which are pilot and popularize. The paper discusses the local government to explore reform of administrative system and the successful experience provides a new path for the reform of towns.
Keywords/Search Tags:Streamlining Administration and Strengthening Town Powers Reform, Policy test, Local governance Administration system reform
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