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Research On The Reform Of "decentralization, Management And Service" In Yixing City

Posted on:2021-04-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2436330647457718Subject:Public Administration
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The reform of "streamlining administration,delegating powers,and improving regulation and services" is an important means to construct the socialist administrative management system with Chinese characteristics and realize the modernization of the national governance system and governance ability.It is not a simple superposition of the three aspects,but is closely connected as whole.It involves many fields,including market,society,administration,politics and so on.The practice forms include the reform of administrative examination and approval system,the reform of commercial system,the reform of administrative management system of economically developed towns,the reform of classification of institutions,the reform of state-owned enterprise system,the reform of fiscal and taxation system and even the reform of party and government organization,etc.The county area is the implementing end of various reforms,and is the "first kilometer" and "last kilometer"of the reform of "streamlining administration,delegating powers,and improving regulation and services".Studying all kinds of problems in the process of county regional reform and deeply excavating its loopholes in governance ability and governance system can guide the follow-up reform work at the grass-roots level,help to implement the national top-level design to the grass-roots practice,and also help to feedback the problems exposed in the grass-roots practice to the decision makers at the higher level,so that the county government can play the role of connecting the preceding and the following.As a top 100 county in China,Yixing has undertaken a number of pilot tasks in the reform of the administrative system.In the process of practice,we have encountered problems in governance ability and governance system.There are four problems in governance capacity: unification,release,management and service.While the problem of the management system level is reflected in the participants,the institutional mechanism and the effect of the governance.Based on the analysis of the above problems by using the theory of good governance and the theory of service-oriented government,and combined with the practical experience of the surrounding peer zoning,this paper puts forward that we should solve the dilemma of Yixing from four systems: the construction of the integrated reform system of party building,the dynamic adjustment system of power and responsibility,the scientific system of administration and punishment,and the high-quality service supply system.
Keywords/Search Tags:the reform of "streamlining administration,delegating powers,and improving regulation and services", the theory of good governance, the theory of service-oriented government, Yixing
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