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Research On Deepening The Reform Of Streamlining Government Administration,Delegating More Powers,and Improving Regulation And Service-from The View Of Building A Responsible Government

Posted on:2019-07-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X P WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330563459248Subject:Public Administration
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The administrative examination and approval is closely related to the public interest and has become the focus of all parties.Since the 18 th CPC National Congress,the central government has been deepening the reform of the administrative examination and approval system,in order to provide more convenience for the public to get government service.At present,China has reach the crucial stage of its reform,involving many parties' interest.It is meaningful to build a responsible and service-oriented government ruled by law,which is an urgent subject confronting our government departments.The paper mainly studies how to improve measures to provide more high-quality service for the public,who can no longer feel difficult to get service from the governments,from the point of building responsible governments.The paper also combines the methods of literature research,example research and qualitative analysis,adopts the theory of responsible government theory,and new public management theory,to analyze the typical cases about how difficult to get service from the government,find out the problem and causes.Then,the paper studies the ways that the governments adopt to solve the problem,mainly including lists of power and duties,streamlining administration and delegating power,reform of key areas,supervision and so on.The exploration and practice improve the government service and efficiency.However,we must continuously draw lessons from the practice and improve the counter-measures.The problems mainly include imperfection of power and duties lists,lack of standardization of administrative examination and approval,inadequate government supervision and so on.At last,from the view of building responsible governments,the paper puts forward the improving measures of solving the problem,including more clear thoughts,more input of public service,more convenient administrative approval system,more effective government supervision,better communication channels between government departments and the public,more reasonable rewards and punishment system for the government workers,to further improve the responsible government construction.
Keywords/Search Tags:Deepen, reform of streamlining government administration,delegating more powers,and improving regulation and service, responsible government
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