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The Study On The Competency Model Of Grass-roots Civil Servants In The Xinjiang Production And Construction Corps

Posted on:2017-03-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330503989275Subject:Marxist Administration Theory and Government Administration
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The Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps(hereinafter referred to as XPCC) sets party,government, army, enterprises four sets of leading institutions and four functions as one, since its establishment, it always shoulders the special responsibility and historical responsibility of opening up wasteland and guarding the frontier endowed by the state, and it is a major power for safeguarding social stability and keeping a long-term stability of Xinjiang. The XPCC internal management level consists of the corps, division(city) and regiment(town). In the past, the grass-roots civil servants in the XPCC was mainly distributed in the division(city) level,but in the current XPCC under the background of the State Farms reform deeply, some regiments of government workers have been incorporated into the sequence of civil servants management.Thus, the grass-roots civil servants’ team in XPCC is gradually extending. To strengthen the team construction of grass-roots civil servants and improve the competence of grass-roots civil servants is always been attached importance greatlly by the party and country. For grass-roots civil servants in XPCC, they are different from grass-roots civil servants in other place. Not only do they have to have the quality of the general public servants, but also they need to have the special quality of the special organization environment in XPCC. This is a pressing problem : How to tamp the basis of the grass-roots and play a special role in XPCC, and how to establish a high quality and high level of grass-roots civil servants to adapt to the reality development in XPCC. In recent years, competency model as an advanced concept of modern human resource management is introduced to the public administration department, and it has also been applied into the practic of civil servant management and quality construction widely, now it has achieved initial results.This study is based on the definition of the related concepts, such as grass-roots civil servants in XPCC, civil servants quality, competency model, etc. By employing the competency model theory, The new public service theory and opening up wasteland and guarding the frontier of the Communist Party of China theory. It is the theoretical foundation for later study which is the competency model of grass-roots civil servants in XPCC. Meanwhile, this paper conclude the requirements of state for the grass-roots civil servants in XPCC, which is focused on regulatory documents and leader’s speech. And it also use the actual interview to extract the characteristics elements of the grass-roots civil servants in XPCC. The source from the elements of the grass-roots civil servants in XPCC is being found in theory. In addation, this paper select the section and below civil servants(incuding some civil servants Reform Experiments Farms) to carry out the competency model empirical exploration, which in the eight division and the city of Shihezi in XPCC that is the most representative as an object of study, and compares with the different variables to the each dimension of competency model as well. Finally, this paper apply constructed competency model into the practice of the grass-roots civil sevants in XPCC, such as the selection of the examination, training and development, performance evaluation and so on. Which can offer some reference and advice to further improve the competency and enhance the construction of the grass-roots civil servant’s team in XPCC.In conclusion, this study think that the final constructed competency model of the grass-roots civil servants in XPCC is made up 5 dimensions(Knowledge competency, Ability competency, Moral competency, XPCC’s traits and Political competency) and 22 competency indicators. This model has got some beneficial development on the basis of the competency model theory, of those, the dimension of knowledge competency and ability competency can be used as the outer layer and the surface layer of the competency model, and the moral competency, XPCC’s traits and political competency can be used inner layer of the competency model.
Keywords/Search Tags:the Grass-roots Civil Sevants in XPCC, Competency Model, Copetency Construction, Model Application
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