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The Study On The Chongqing Bishan County’s Grass-roots Level Civil Servants Training Demand Analysis

Posted on:2016-10-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330479483386Subject:Public Management
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As the main part of China’s civil servants, the grass-roots level civil servants work for a long time in the first line. They are the group who directly implement national policies, and who connect the government and the people. Therefore, their abilities are the key to the success of the country’s public career. There are so many way to develop and enhance the civil servants’ ability, and the education and training is the most direct and effective way of those. A complete training activity include training demands analysis, training plan, training implementation, training transformation and training evaluation in five aspects. Besides, training demands analysis is the first step, which is the premise foundation of the education training work. Therefore, the grass-roots level civil servants’ training demand analysis is the important link for public sector human resources development and management, which has important theoretical and practical significance.This study researches training demand analysis of the grass-roots level civil servants in Chongqing Bishan to clear their demands, and explore the job competency of the grass-roots civil servants by construction of the grass-roots civil servants competency model, and it also will provide basis to develop targeted training plans for making decision.The study is the centered on the grass-roots level civil servants training demand analysis, and is based on the theory of training demand in our nation and other nations, with questionnaire survey as the main research means. Besides, it’s on the basis of the training demand analysis model and competency model application in the civil servants’ training demand analysis, highlighting the theoretical and applied research. In the questionnaire about civil servants in Bishan, the author collect data respectively from the civil servants competency quality evaluation and training demands, and use the software of statistical SPSS to analyze the questionnaire. On the one hand, the author build the competency model of the grass-roots civil servants by analyzing the first part of the questionnaire, including six dimensions of personality cultivation, the analysis of response capability, self-development capacity, macro execution ability, processing capacity in government and the organization and coordination ability. On the other hand, the author analyze the contents of the second part of the questionnaire, such as the training contents, training methods, training management and effects and so on, so that the author determine the demands of the grass-roots civil servants in Chongqing Bishan.In the end, based on the above analysis, the study put forward counter measures and suggestions to improve the grass-roots civil servants training demands analysis from the four aspects: concept, methods, content and team construction.
Keywords/Search Tags:the grass-roots civil servants, training demands analysis, competency model
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