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The Research On The Carnegie Project On The Education Doctorate In America

Posted on:2013-05-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330362963977Subject:Comparative Education
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Doctor of education(Ed.D.)is a professional degree, which devote to preparingresearching professionals of educational administration. It is90years from the first Ed.D.Degree awarded by Harvard College. From the beginning, the argue about the developing ofthe Ed.D. had not been appeased. With the flourishing of the Ed.D, the problem of the similarabout Ed.D. and attracting increasing. The Carnegie Project on the EducationDoctorate (CPED) is to supply a way to solve this problem. It is launched by the CarnegieFoundation for Teaching and Learning and the Council of Academic Deans From ResearchEducation Institutions, and granted by both Carnegie Foundation for Teaching and Learningand the Spencer Foundation in2007. The first phase is accomplished in2010, and now thesecond phase is in progress. Some certain stage progress are gained. The Academic DegreesCommittee of the State Council has passed The Setting Plan of the Ed.D. in December2008.From2010, Peking University and other14universities in China began to recruit Ed.D.. Itcould be helpful to study the problems of the Ed.D. in America and the advanced experienceof CPED.This article is mainly using the literature method, comparative law and case law, andconsists five chapters. Chapter one introduces the concepts and theory foundations of theCPED; Chapter two analyzes the foundation of the CPED; Chapter three summarizes the goal,contents and implementing of the CPED, and the implementing is divided into two parts, oneis the implementing of the whole project, the other is the implementing of the Ed.D. programof the University of Kentucky; Chapter four summarizes the features and effects of the CPED;Chapter five is the enlightenment.
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