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Army Six Medical Colleges Doctoral Guidance Of Teachers And Their Selection Criteria

Posted on:2002-01-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207360032452398Subject:Social Medicine and Health Management
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Education of students for doctor degree is the highest level of China's higher education. With the education of doctor students concurs the position of supervisors of students in pursuit of doctor degree. Team of supervisors of doctor students is a special group in our country's special environment and historical era. It is one of the contributing factors that influence the quality of cultivation of doctor students, and even influence a higher institution's research level and general academic status. Therefore, the aim of the present study is, through review, comparison and analysis of a group of supervisors of doctor students, to propose a relatively rational criterion of selection so as to strengthen the building of the team of supervisors of doctor students. hi the first part and the second part of this paper are included a vertical comparative analysis of teams of superviors of doctor students from 6 medical schools of 3 different periods of 1987, 1994 and 2000, and a horizontal comparison, analysis and evaluation for or between 168 supervisors from the 6 schools and foreign and domestic teams, and between different age groups of the 168 supervisors. The results are as follows: Supervisors with higher medical institutions are becoming younger; supervisors with high degrees are greatly increased in proportion; the situation that a supervisor of students for doctor degree has no doctorate himself or herself is greatly improved; most of the supervisors have experience of training or education abroad, and of superviors the younger, the higher the proportion that go abroad for training or studying, the longer they stay abroad; young supervisors have shown advantages over elderly supervisors in the quantity of research results and the ability of research, and young supervisors are particularly advantageous in shouldering key task projects; academically young supervisors are gradually succeeding to the older generation. In the third part, in accordance with rules of selection of supervisors of students for doctor degree designed by the State Council Academic Degree Commission and based on the results from the preceding 2 parts, issues about specific criteria for future selection of supervisors of students for doctor degree in the higher medical institutions are discussed. Through consultation with experts, criteria of selection of supervisors of doctor students that are of guiding significance and value of application are proposed, and problems that exist in the current team of supervisors of doctor students and strategies coping with them are discussed.
Keywords/Search Tags:team of supervisors of students for doctorate, criterion ofselection, students pursuing doctorate, graduate education, doctorate
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