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The Study On Australian Professional Doctorate In Education

Posted on:2015-11-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Doctor of Education is a professional doctorate, which is different with Doctor ofPhilosophy, it was originally produced in the1920s in the United States, Australia, Britainand other countries have also set up this professional degree subsequently. While all thecountries have some common experience in cultivating the Doctor of Education, but there aresome differences in the training process. The Doctor of Education project in Australia startslater than United States, but so far, Australia has initially formed a unique system about theDoctor of Education. Through the study of The Doctor of Education in Australia, will enableus to learn more about Australia is how to solve the convergence problem between the Doctorof Education and the Doctor of Philosophy in the process of cultivation the Doctor ofEducation, thus make us have a deeper understanding of the entire Doctor of Education,which has certain reference and guidance significance to other countries (including China) todevelop the Doctor of Education.The text is divided into five parts:The first part is the introduction; this part mainly includes the origin of research questions,literature review, research significance, research methods, research ideas and core concepts.The second part is a discussion on professional doctorate in theoretical, first from thetheoretical level to clarify the nature and the status of the professional doctorate, and thendiscusses the difference between the professional doctorate degrees and the Doctor ofPhilosophy degrees.The third part is the emergence and development of the Doctor of Education in Australia.Firstly, explore the historical background of the Doctor of Education programs in Australiafrom multiple perspectives, followed by introduction the development process of the Doctorof Education in general.The fourth part is the dynamic inspection about the practice operation of The Doctor ofEducation in Australia. Through dynamic inspection the Doctor of Education program, fromthe perspective of practice operation to inspect the training objectives, enrollment conditions,curriculum, learning styles and thesis,comparing the difference about the first generation andthe second generation of the Doctor of Education, in order to highlight the professionalpractice of the second generation of the Doctor of Education in Australia.The fifth part is a summary and reflection, analysis the features and shortcomings of theDoctor of Education in Australia, and based on this reconsidering to the Doctor of Educationprograms.
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