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The Study On The Reform Of Professional Doctorate Degree Of Education

Posted on:2015-03-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The United States is the first to grant the doctorate of education (Ed. D.) in theworld, compared with other followers, the system of American doctorate of educationis relatively complete, and the experience of reform is relatively abundant. Today, theUnited States Professional Doctorate Degree of Education (Ed. D.) is still the mainobject of many countries scramble to follow. Especially in recent years, the UnitedStates aimed at the problem of the doctor of education (Ed. D.) converges with the course of development, which launched a special action for reforming theprofessional doctorate degree of education. CPED is just the project, which is aimingat solving the problems of the professional doctoral education, and exploring a kind ofdistinctive model for improving the preparation of advanced educational practitioners.This paper mainly focuses on the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate,through a literature search, visiting the official website of CPED, the participatinginstitutions website of CPED, and the intranet site to get information, using textanalysis, comparative studies, case studies, and other methods aims to reveal CPEDcomprehensively, and with a view to concluding some achievements of the CarnegieProject on the Education Doctorate, and predict some trends of development for Ed.D..The paper is divided into five chapters, which is includes chapter one is theintroduction, reviewing the related literatures at home and abroad, meanwhilepresenting research background, problem, significance and methods, and so on.Chapter two is mainly to prove the background of the Carnegie Project on theEducation Doctorate, review the problems of Ed. D. in the history, clarify the mainproblem exists in Ed. D. and analyze the disadvantages from the problem, summarizethe main argumentation of reform the doctoral of education, and briefing informationabout the CPED. Chapter three is to show the framework of reform design of theCPED, including the main theoretical basis, as well as six basic principles and fourthemes of change. Chapter four further clarifies the Carnegie Project on the EducationDoctorate and its case analysis. Finally, it is summarization and reflection for thestudy, summating the positive significance and effectiveness of the Carnegie Projecton the Education Doctorate, and reflecting some propositions for the CPED in thefuture.
Keywords/Search Tags:the United States, Doctor of Education(Ed.D.), Education inProfessional Doctorate Degree, Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate(CPED), Reform
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