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The Study Of Problem Awareness Of The Students In Chinese Teaching In Primary School

Posted on:2015-02-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330422973347Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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The competition in education becomes more and more intense currently for all thecountries in the world, and it is particularly critical to cultivate the innovative talents.Finding the problems is the beginning of all creation, and also it must be on the premiseof the problem awareness, so the study of the problem awareness is too urgent. Pupils areat a critical stage of the life development, and the learning habits formed at this stage hasa great influence and even plays a decisive role for the future development. Therefore,the author in this thesis investigates Majiawan primary school of Yan’an City on her ownand explores the problem awareness of the students in the current Chinese teaching inelementary school through the methodology of literature review, questionnaire,classroom observation and interviews.This thesis is consisted of five chapters. Introduction describes the relevant literaturereview of the research background, significance and problem awareness. Chapter One isan overview of the problem and problem awareness, which mainly describes thedefinition, classification and contents of the problem and the problem awareness, and therelevant theoretical foundations of problem awareness. In Chapter Two, the author givesout questionnaire and interviews with the teachers in Majiawan primary school of Yan’anCity, and she describes the specific status of students’ problem awareness in the currentChinese teaching in elementary school in detail and objectively points out the problemsin terms of the students exited in the current Chinese teaching in elementary school. InChapter Three, from the perspectives of awareness that the students find out, put forward,analyze and solve the problems, the author finds out the main reasons that lead to theproblems in the current Chinese teaching in elementary school. In Chapter Four, the author puts forward effective measures and pertinent suggestions according to thereasons that prevent the healthy development of the students’ problem awareness listed inChapter Three, which is significant for the healthy development of the problemawareness of the students in the current Chinese teaching in elementary school. Chapterfive is a brief summary of the thesis, which points out the main contents of this paper andthe inadequacy of this paper. At the same time, the author prospects the research of thepupils’ problem awareness advancing with the times, and she believes that these flowersof the motherhood will flourish more beautifully.
Keywords/Search Tags:Chinese in primary school, problem, problem awareness, status analysis, training strategy
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