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Research On High School Students' Mathematics Problem Awareness And Training Strategies Based On Cooperative Learning

Posted on:2020-05-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the continuous development of the times,the society needs talents with innovative spirit and team spirit.For this reason,school education has been constantly adjusted.The spirit of innovation is becoming more and more important,and the problem consciousness is its core.Therefore,the problem consciousness has become a great driving force for social development.Every student is the future of the motherland.They are responsible for promoting social progress.Therefore,it is necessary to cultivate students' problem awareness in the process of education and teaching.In recent years,with the reform of education and teaching,the group cooperative learning teaching mode has become a more important measure.This teaching mode can strengthen students' self-confidence.In the process of group cooperative learning,students can develop their self-learning ability and creation.The ability and team spirit can enable all students in the class to actively participate in the classroom,improve the enthusiasm of students,and at the same time facilitate the emotional communication between students.This kind of teaching mode provides a better learning atmosphere for students' learning.Group cooperative learning can better let students speak boldly,dare to question and promote the development of students' various aspects.Based on this background,the author puts forward the research topic of this paper--discussion and research based on cooperative learning to cultivate students' awareness of mathematics problems.This study will explore the reasons for the weak awareness of high school students' mathematics problems by exploring the three dimensions of students' problems in mathematics activities,asking questions,analyzing and solving problems,and exploring the high school students' mathematics problem consciousness based on cooperative learning.The training strategy hopes to help the high school students' awareness of mathematics problems.First of all,this paper introduces the research background of cooperative learning and mathematics problem awareness,summarizes the relevant literatures at home and abroad,analyzes the current research status,and narrates the significance of the research.Second,define the core concepts and describe the relevant theoretical foundations.Then,the design ideas and research methods of the research are explained.Some high school students and first-line teachers are selected.Through questionnaires,interviews and tests,the reasons for the weak awareness of high school students' mathematics problems are analyzed,and the collaborative learning is used to improve students' mathematics.The impact of problem awareness.Finally,starting from the analysis results,some specific suggestions for cultivating students' awareness of mathematics problems under the cooperative learning mode are proposed,which can be used to guide practice.The purpose of this paper is to put forward a specific strategy based oncooperative learning to cultivate students' awareness of mathematics problems through practical investigation and analysis,and provide some reference for the teaching of high school teachers.It is hoped that it can effectively help high school students improve their awareness of mathematics problems.
Keywords/Search Tags:problem awareness, Mathematical problem awareness, Cooperative learning, Development strategy
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