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Investigation Of University Canteen Satisfaction

Posted on:2014-04-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S L ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330425480158Subject:Food processing and security
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With the continuous expansion of China’s colleges and universities, the scale of each college students expands unceasingly, and the school canteen is also facing greater pressure. Dining room area, cutting, meal preparation, staffing, need to be improved along with the increase of the number of students. Also, canteen hygiene, food safety and the price have been unprecedented challenges. The status of student and dining safety have become a very prominent problem. In2007, Guangzhou University City in2007has occurred that students refusing to buy foods in the canteen. Additionally, some urban district colleges have taken place the hunger strike event. The stability of the country depends on universities, and the university stability depends on the canteen. Improving the canteen, raising the overall level of service, improving the canteen management level, and creating a dining culture atmosphere of its own, become the main part of the work of school management.College student canteen is engaged in for college students to provide food consumption and service establishments. Production safety, delicious, nutritious food, let students rest assured consumption, ensure the normal growth and development of students, to ensure the normal teaching and campus order is its purpose. But with the rapid development of our higher education, the increasing number of the school board and lodging students, most students canteen not expansion, resulting in the canteen scale is relatively small, to a certain extent affected the canteen food quality and student dining environment. In addition, exceed the standard of food raw materials, chemical fertilizer, pesticide in food additives, caused the university student to food hygiene and safety situation is worrying. The correct look at present university student canteen in health and safety management in the problem, formulate feasible improvement measures, to ensure the college cafeteria food hygiene and safety and health of students, the importance of maintaining campus order and stability. The stability of University, University stability at the canteen. To improve the canteen, raise the overall level of service, improve the level of management to improve the canteen, canteen workers self-cultivation and quality, create a belongs to own dining culture atmosphere, become the important links in the management of the school.This paper mainly expounds the college canteen reincarnation, and the differences between China and foreign countries. By taking the canteen of Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University as an example, collecting data through questionnaires, using the Li Kete five points evaluation scale, with Stevens Knutson and Patton DINESERV scale as reference[3], and the factors influencing satisfaction analysis, this paper tries to start from the position of the students and the numerous influence satisfaction measurement index into several influencing factors, to determining the degree of influence of several factors on the overall satisfaction, case analysis, and finding out the problem of whole operation of canteens. And it tales targeted measures to improve the level of satisfaction, the work or service effect, and makes the school canteen to become a place where teachers and students have a relaxed mood after heavy teaching and studying tasks.
Keywords/Search Tags:The college canteen, Food, Service, Satisfaction, DevelopmentCountermeasures
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