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Social Work Intervention New Employee Psychological Imbalance Of Small And Medium Sized Enterprises

Posted on:2015-08-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330431461724Subject:Social work
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Along with our country education enterprise reform and university enrollment expansion speed increasing, in recent years, college graduates face is facing increasing competition for employment pressure, college graduates enter the grassroots employment has become an important trend. Chinese enterprises are facing the globalization market competition pressure, the planned economy period of "Commons""keep lazy" times gone forever, in the face of the new situation, from the enterprise managers to the grassroots employees’mental health and emotional states to keep pace with The Times and adjust in time. The author found that just in college grassroots employees in work enterprise widespread psychological imbalance, mainly in disappointment for career and position, to own value underestimate even by denial of higher education, etc., which appeared in the work of slacking, late arrival, and frequent job-hopping undesirable phenomenon. Aiming at this problem, the author try to use in practice of social work professional work methods and ideas, analysis of grassroots the cause of the individual and social aspects of college students’psychological imbalance, integrate various advantage resources, help enterprise basic college students adjust good mentality, make enterprise and employee relationship more harmonious.This paper uses the case of social work to college students’psychological intervention imbalances at the grass-roots level of the enterprise, in the form of a case study of grassroots college students adaptability obstacle after induction. The author tries to use case model of crisis intervention of social work and task center at the grass-roots level of the enterprise college students psychological imbalance of guidance and help, professional social work method and concept to the field of enterprise management, give full play to the value of social workers, to help college students at the grass-roots level and enterprise managers to improve management style, harmonious employee relations, the enterprise production and operation of building a harmonious and efficient environment. Now only a few domestic enterprises set up professional social work organization, also does not have the professional social work personnel configuration, because the enterprise managers only from the perspective of production management to treat the employees, when employees develop psychological imbalances such as poor mental state problem, the spirit of the enterprise does not have a corresponding level of service and security, and the resulting such as foxconn "ten even jump" and a series of social problems. Corporate social work to enterprise’s development and social stability is of great significance, the author hopes through this case study to explore in the grassroots work of college students’mental emotional disorder of solution.
Keywords/Search Tags:Minor Enterprise, The New Employee, Psychological Imbalance, SocialWork
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